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Like it. graphics is nice!


Good job!

Hello, CHeck this Thanks

tap "W" twice

type CharacterDoubleJump(); instead of CharacterJump();  Yes this is a one thing i didn't create myself. Thanks for reply!

Hello Check this:

Hello Check this: it's very funny and tricky game for streamming

Hello, Please Check this: It's very funny and tricky game for streaming

Good Job, i like it!

Hello please CHeck this: Thanks a lot

Great Job. P.S rated

Hello, PLease CHeck this game:

hahaa :D

thanks a lot <3

hello, please check this: Thank you a lot!

Hello, Check this:

Hello, please Check this: Thank you a lot!

Hello, please check this: Thanks a lot 

Good Job. i like it!

the Same on Chrome and safari

I can't play after the first screen nothing happens. Is there any trick?

Thank you, link me your game i want to check it too

Controls are a bit difficult but i like the game!

Controls are a bit difficult but i like the game!

a bit hard for playing, but good game. i like it!

Thanks, i will check it!

Thanks, i will check it!

Check It:

Check this please. Thanks!

yes of course. Use  A W S D for controls, if you need some help write it here, thanks for playing!

Hello, please give me real feedback what you think about my game: Thanks a lot!

Hello, Check my game <3

hello, Check this:

Hello, Check this please :

I hope you will like it.

Please: Thanks!