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Where do I go to report bugs?

I've got one here - after getting Kato to Rank 3, talking to them and asking "Let's chat - what's on your mind?" repeatedly will eventually crash the game. Here's the screenshot and error message.

Very cute! Thank you for making this!

Shame this isn't a full game - I'd love to see more battles, hear more music (and sound), and get an answer to the several questions the game raised.

Also, as one of the comments below already said, the fact one can restart immediately after losing a battle with no need to reload a save is very nice.

When I tried to sign in using Google, a new tab opened in my browser. After signing in, I was prompted to redirect and was redirected to Google's homepage.

When returning to the game via alt-tab, it was stuck on the "connecting" screen for several seconds before the game suddenly closed.

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While I destroyed some of the trucks in the convoy (the one that appears the night after you destroy Base 1), one truck was able to reach Base 1.

When the truck reached Base 1, the message "Convoy cleared" appeared on the screen and would not go away. Closer examination revealed that the message would occasionally go away for a split second, only to reappear immediately after.

The act of landing is slightly terrifying since I know a crash will result in an entire night being lost.

On a related note, I did not attempt the tactic displayed on the diagram (where the engine is brought to 000 power), since I didn't want to crash.

Also, I find it difficult to accurately drop bombs. Is there any advice you can give us on how to hit targets more easily (besides practice, of course)?

In spite of those issues, though, I'm enjoying the game so far. The lady's words of encouragement when I do hit a target are surprisingly invigorating, despite the language barrier, and the idea of a vast airfield where you're somewhat free to wreak havoc is nice.

Keep up the good work.

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If it is at all possible to implement a custom feature into this level editor (tiles that represent traps or the like), please consider doing so. (EDIT: Alternatively, the ability to make a custom tileset for the editor, such as one for sci-fi or one for the modern-day, would be similarly useful)

While I haven't done very much with this tool (having only discovered it earlier today, and being busy with schoolwork), I'm liking what I'm seeing so far.

As always, keep up the good work.

Eagerly awaiting the next chapters.

Able to provide a scary atmosphere without any visuals - though the sound-based menu made me wonder if the game was working when I first started it up.

Note to other players: I think you might need to close the game and open it again if you want to restart after a game over. Left mouse button to shoot, right mouse button to reload, move the mouse to aim, listen to the noises and determine where they are relative to you.

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The gameplay, as stated before, is somewhat repetitive, though the controls are rather interesting.

Also, like juwambo said earlier, the way the final word in the ending message changes color (as if to emphasize what we've done) is rather...

Unsettling, open ending or not.