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Teşekkürler! Umarım oyunu güncellemeye devam ederim ve oyunu bir sonraki seviyeye çıkartabilirim! 

Çok teşekkürler!

Çok teşekkür ederim!!! 48 saat içinde çok fazla mekanik eklemek yerine zaten var olan mekanikleri polishlemeyi ve düzeltmeye odaklandık fakat oyunu geliştirmeye devam edersem daha fazla mekanik kesinlikle ekleyeceğim!!!

thank you so much!! 

Such a fun game!! The art style is really pleasing to look at and the gameplay is really unique. Enjoyed it very much.

Thank you! I myself as the artist couldnt stop myself from the game myself LOL! Glad somebody thinks the same. I loved your game aswell!

This looks so dope! I seriously spent hours just parkouring on the roof tops. I just wonder if you are sstill working on it.

I absolutely love the idea (its kinda like my teams, its called " Arrow Of Light") But what sold me on the game was that the ball was bouncing on the limits of the screen, not just the walls. When I realized that the game becomemore tactical instead of "where the hell am I what are these red dots". Good Game

Hey! Azure Leaf here (you can see me in the credits and this is a different name) after submitting the game we got an idea of how a minimap could work so next time we update the game we will for sure add a map!

Hey! One of the games creator here (Azure Leaf)  There is a musical cue to when there is an enemy nearby. Thanks for the feedback. We want to improve the game and take it to a whole another level so your feedback is very important. The wood glitch is one a lot of players are experiencing and I am very sorry about that. We didnt really have a lot of time to play test the game.

Such a cool idea.

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You are right about that but, I cant code myself, I wrote the story. My teammate was coding and he vanished. I had to find someone else in the last 5 hours. Its a branching story, so It was hard to do that. If nothing had gone wrong throught the making of the story there could have been less typos and music.

pretty hard and enjoyable.

Cool game if you know what I mean. ;)

cool idea, great execution.

I hope you win. I dont care about my self. YOU NEED TO WIN.

Dont know what am I supposed to do, the text is fast, the paintings are weird. The game doesn't even try to explain it self.

Great idea, great execution. My only problem is that the girls fairy hitbox is a bit weird.

I found someone else. But there was 5 hours left. Coding a branching storyline is a long process. In my next game jam I will definitly add music.

My partner vanished so I had to start over. Didn't really had time to put up a music. Thanks for your comment.

cool game, I think the coin stops the magnet from pulling the egg. That should have been more obvious.

great, it was fun and stressfull.

its a great idea but ı keep clipping  through blocks and the jumping is a little weird.