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Yeah I just figured Seren was having a rough day :p I'm wondering if we'll see what they're like when they're not right in the middle of a stressful situation haha.

Hey this turned out really cool! I love AI and robots (and also space) so I was excited about your story concept.

I liked a lot of the scifi visual elements, those glitch effects look great! The sprites were nice and polished too, I liked the expressions and the blinking/talking animations. The slight moving of the sprite boxes was a fun touch, I especially liked when Dex's box slid down when he was feeling embarrassed/awkward haha.

My favorite character ended up being Dex, he just felt sincere and like he was trying his best even though he's pretty incompetent at some things. And it was cute how proud he was of his crappy ship (lol sorry Patsy). I liked Seren a lot too, I was happy to see a nonbinary character! I think they had a good balance of robot elements--things like calling people by their DNA signature number--and feeling pretty human. I'm curious about their backstory, the part where they mentioned being a simulated personality based on another person really intrigued me. I'm hoping we find out more about that in the full game, along with seeing what's going on with the whole mystery of Seren's origins.

Overall a great demo and congrats on completing another Nanoreno! :] I'm def looking forward to the full game!

Hahahaa you're welcome and thank you??! I feel like you looked directly into my brain and made exactly the kind of game I would like, so we're even lol.

But yeah, great job again! Thanks for making this and bringing me joy in these dark times haha.

I was excited to play this game ever since I saw your first post about it and it turned out amazing! I love the art, especially what you did with the animations (like that first human sacrifice scene... wow!)

Having a narrator this time was cool, especially since it was clearly not just a neutral observer. I kept trying to figure out if it was Divilethion itself narrating or just someone who's really biased? I'm still not sure. It definitely gave the game a fun voice/style!

I think what made me initially interested in this game was Divilethion's design since I love weird monsters haha... I was not disappointed, it's such a cool character visually and I enjoyed seeing its interactions with humans. It's such a jerk but in a fun way lol.

Even though I liked Divilethion a lot, Lynn was for sure my favorite character. I really liked how even if he chooses to stay with Divilethion he still loves his brother, and if he chooses to go with Marrow he still loves Divilethion and doesn't stop being a murderous sociopath. He just felt like a complicated character and it was interesting seeing him struggle. I thought the parallels between Divilethion & Lynn and Lynn & Marrow were really intriguing also (I'm guessing that was intentional since it was referenced in the game a couple times?) and I'm still thinking about it a bit. Also I just like Lynn's cute sleepy eyes haha.

Anyway, congrats on finishing NaNoRenO and your second visual novel! :] It's great, 10 out of 10, would play again (I already played it 3 times).

Aaahh thank you so much for playing and I'm happy you like it! I'm still hoping to finish the full game at some point. And yes, Maez is nonbinary! :]

Great job on this game! I love robots so I was looking forward to this one after seeing the forum thread, and it turned out really cool!

I liked the characters a lot, I don't think I can even pick a favorite (...maybe Lycoris?). I enjoyed the dialogue between the college students a lot, I like when friends kind of make fun of each other/fake fight so that was fun. And it was super interesting seeing their dynamic (and Nano) change depending on the choices you make.

(spoilers I guess?)
Wow those endings were extremely different! I definitely liked the good ending better since I just want them all to be happy, but I think you did a great job on making the horror horrifying. I played this game like a week ago but some of the horror bits have still been popping into my brain once in a while (that bit with Nano trying to open the wound more really got to me...). It was really cool how you managed to blend together a mix of different tones. Even within the good route, it got surprisingly serious but it was mixed together with the students being dumb idiots (you forgot... to include the 3 laws of robotics?? That was so funny to me, no wonder the bad end happened haha).

Anyway, I really enjoyed this game, great job on your NaNoRenO project!

Hey, I just finished playing through this (and I think I got all 3 endings) so I thought I'd write up some of my thoughts! It was cool following your progress on the lemma soft forum, and I can tell you two had a great time working on this together.


I liked Haylie as a protagonist, you really got across the feeling of someone who's going through some rough emotional stuff and isn't dealing with it well. I felt like I wanted to help her turn her life around and feel better about herself, so I was glad I ended up getting the good ending on my first playthrough. I want her to be happy!

The romance was good, I think the opening scene with Natalie showed really clearly that they're not meant for each other, so I'm relieved there was a way for Haylie to find someone better for her. And Jenna was the character I was most interested in before playing, so I was happy she was a big part of the game. I did feel bad for Natalie though, like I really wished there was a way to resolve some of your issues with her before jumping into a new relationship. But with Haylie's difficulties with dealing with her problems, I can understand why that wasn't an option.

Gameplay-wise, I thought it was cool that you made a navigation system, more VNs should do that to switch up the gameplay! I think you could maybe add more events though (even if they're not too significant) since sometimes I felt like I was wandering around to all the locations and nothing was happening so it felt a bit empty. I liked the phone functionality too, and that worked well since if there wasn't an event available they just wouldn't answer.

The horror elements were another good part, I feel like they added a lot to the game's aesthetic. I liked the part with the UI change to the distorted version! And the horror part with Felicity legitimately made me jump, it was so startling haha.

Congrats on finishing your demo! :] And good luck with making the full version!

Just wanted to tell you I really enjoyed this game! It was so funny, I went through and got all the bad ends just because they were so weird and hilarious. I also really liked the bandit fliers and Todd's kazoo haha :]

The characters were great, I ended up liking all of them a lot. Dan's narration was definitely one of my favorite parts of the whole thing. I started out doing Connor's route first, he was really nice and I liked his design the best (though he's definitely a nerd haha). I wasn't as sure about Todd at first but after playing his route I liked him a lot! I'm actually not sure who I like better now, they're just really different people and are both great in their own way. I really liked Flora as a protagonist too, her design was really cute (I like her freckles) and I liked her character's backstory.

Great job with everything, you really got a lot done in one month!

Thanks so much for playing, I'm glad you like the visuals and special effects! :] Doing all the extra art made the game take a bit longer than expected to complete, but I think it was worth the time and effort. It was fun working on the sprites that interact with the backgrounds, I agree it does feel more lively and animated. We'll continue working on the full game after taking a break, I'm glad you're looking forward to it!

omg nice! Well I'm glad you included it, I love it so much haha.

I'm still working on getting all the endings for this, but since I played through enough to get the ending I was looking for I thought I'd write up my thoughts! (spoilers)

1. There's a lot of cool elements to this game that I enjoyed a lot. I love robots so all the stuff with the androids and how they work was cool, and I liked the parts with reliving your past memories to learn about your past. I will say that my first try through the game was disappointing since I got a bad ending, and my second try I got one of the endings where you don't get a new CG so that was a little confusing/frustrating. But I'm glad I went through a third time and got it to end exactly how I wanted it to!

2. I ended up liking Alto the best, I just really enjoyed Quinn and Alto's weird and interesting relationship? I liked how Alto knows your whole deal and loves you no matter what form you're in. I liked Caesar enough to not want to kill him though haha, so I'll still probably play through again and find out more about him.

3. One minor thing that I didn't like was that it was hard to tell if I was currently on the save or load screen, and I accidentally overwrote a save while trying to load it. :/ That's probably my fault for not paying enough attention though, since it does ask if you want to overwrite.

4. This might be weird, but I loved the part with the selfie of you and Caesar?? I really want to know who drew that one since that was probably my favorite piece of art in the whole game ahaha. Also the good Alto ending I got was great! And I think I already commented before about the UI, but it looks so nice and really adds to the scifi aesthetic. My least favorite part was getting a bad ending the first time through...

This got a bit long, sorry! Anyway, great job on the game and congrats on finishing this whole thing!

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Hey, I read your post-mortem post and hope you're feeling better! I think you did a great job considering the circumstances. I enjoyed playing the demo even though it was rough and I feel like it has a lot of potential!

Overall the story was really intriguing, it was cool to meet the characters and see them in an action sequence. I like the 3 toy characters a lot so far (I think Bear is my favorite now, his design is great and I liked the part where he carries you around haha). I'm also really curious about the mysterious character from the beginning/bad ends and how they're going to fit into the overall story.

And aehtrv did a great job on the art, I really love their style. The characters are all super cute! I also liked seeing Reina's room, especially the details like her little plants.

I'll for sure look forward to the extended demo and the full game whenever you're able to finish them (no pressure, take your time!). Good luck with everything!

Hey, I just wanted to tell you again that I love this game! I already commented on it on the lemmasoft forums, but I was working on my game still and didn't have too much time to write up my thoughts haha.

First of all the art is amazing, I love the art style and it got me really excited to try this one. The character designs are so cute and I really like some of the details (like Marion's little marionette hands!). Jack is my favorite, I think because I like the red hair + his cool eyes.

Even though I initially liked Jack the best design-wise, I ended up going with Bunnie the first time through the game, I think because Jack's erratic behavior threw me off a bit. But then playing through it again and trying to do his route, he grew on me A LOT? He ended up being way more sympathetic than I thought in the beginning, which was great. And now he's definitely my favorite haha.

I'm still working on getting the last 2 endings, I'll have to go through it a few more times (I got New Kings, Bunny Love, Full Timer, Runaways, and King's End). But yeah! You did such a great job on this and I would definitely get the extended edition if you made one!

Hey, I just wanted to say that I played through the demo and really enjoyed it! I love the characters and the art. Also, as a trans guy who also has social anxiety and a fear of needles, this was extremely relatable haha... So thank you for making this, and I will definitely be looking forward to the finished game!