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Great job on this game! I love robots so I was looking forward to this one after seeing the forum thread, and it turned out really cool!

I liked the characters a lot, I don't think I can even pick a favorite (...maybe Lycoris?). I enjoyed the dialogue between the college students a lot, I like when friends kind of make fun of each other/fake fight so that was fun. And it was super interesting seeing their dynamic (and Nano) change depending on the choices you make.

(spoilers I guess?)
Wow those endings were extremely different! I definitely liked the good ending better since I just want them all to be happy, but I think you did a great job on making the horror horrifying. I played this game like a week ago but some of the horror bits have still been popping into my brain once in a while (that bit with Nano trying to open the wound more really got to me...). It was really cool how you managed to blend together a mix of different tones. Even within the good route, it got surprisingly serious but it was mixed together with the students being dumb idiots (you forgot... to include the 3 laws of robotics?? That was so funny to me, no wonder the bad end happened haha).

Anyway, I really enjoyed this game, great job on your NaNoRenO project!