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Hey, I read your post-mortem post and hope you're feeling better! I think you did a great job considering the circumstances. I enjoyed playing the demo even though it was rough and I feel like it has a lot of potential!

Overall the story was really intriguing, it was cool to meet the characters and see them in an action sequence. I like the 3 toy characters a lot so far (I think Bear is my favorite now, his design is great and I liked the part where he carries you around haha). I'm also really curious about the mysterious character from the beginning/bad ends and how they're going to fit into the overall story.

And aehtrv did a great job on the art, I really love their style. The characters are all super cute! I also liked seeing Reina's room, especially the details like her little plants.

I'll for sure look forward to the extended demo and the full game whenever you're able to finish them (no pressure, take your time!). Good luck with everything!

Thank you for being so kind! We admit that the demo definitely could be improved, but I'm very glad you think it has potential to be better. I hope that when we release the extended demo, a lot of the story background will be explained and hopefully, things will make more sense and will have better writing, too!

We hope you'll be around when the extended demo releases! <3