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I really dig the atmosphere! 10/10

I really liked this game. I also went back & played the original for comparison & wow. Really scary stuff and vastly different to the original. Players can deffo expect something new here.

I loved this game so much. I left you a rating of 5 stars!

really dig the different styles. Must have been a cool concept to work on. Good job on making this in 5 days. That’s pretty cool

hey man, played your new game & really liked it. The gore was great and the color pallet was great. I’d love to see some new weapons in the update.

wow. This is crazy good for such a short horror game. I loved the environments and the story. Very cool. Plus you made this in just 5 days?! Crazy. Great job dev. Keep up the good work. 




Hey Siactro, thanks for the reply. I get the sounds need to stay. I mean, yeah if you could make them quieter initially that would be good. Just to add more to the element of surprise when you do get seen, but still a solid game man & I really look forward to seeing the next iteration :)

dude this game is awesome! I love it! There is so much going on here & cant wait to play more.  You have really captured the essence of a PS1 game & there are some really decent mechanics here. The map size is pretty good for the demo but I think the map size should increase & vary as each level progresses. I would also encourage a slightly less obvious noise for the bowel of ramen to give him more of a chance to catch you. Otherwise. PURE NOSTALGIC AWESOMENESS

hey! I made a video & featured this in my three scary games montage. I hope you like it. I would like to see more lore built into the game. I also feel the walking pace needs to increase slightly as it could feel quite slow in some places. Just some feedback. Overall not bad though & certainly worth playing. 

hey guys! I totally loved your game & made a video as part of my usual uploads in this 3 scary games montage. I hope you like it. A lot of potential here and I hope to see more in the coming months.

Hey Bobby! Please see my updated video for the new update on your game. Looking forward to the Dev Build! Loving the new update to the controls & this makes it a lot more enjoyable & rhythmic.

I absolutely loved this game! Dude, you are one of the best indie horror creators out there. Your games are always so thought provoking & meaningful with clear symbolism & an emphasis on pure terror. Thank you so much! Please enjoy the video

hey Bobby hope you are well & keeping safe. Of course! I can fit this in this week actually. Thank you for the heads up!

absolutely loved the game. I think you nailed the atmosphere & the creepy vibe of going into a mortuary. I like some of the little extra bits that may go unnoticed such as the writing on the clipboard & the fact she’s starting at you from outside when you go to check on the door. Great build up to the finale.

hope you enjoy the video 

Hey Bobby, I had a lot of fun playing your game & I decided to make a video about it for my YouTube channel. Looking forward to playing the full game when it is released.

The music, game design & colours really compliment each other well!

Keep up the great work.


really creepy! But look behind you right now!

Hey Vidas & Abbey!

Played your new game & really enjoyed the story on this one. I have done a bit of a story to this after speaking to you both & also a custom animation for the game. I really hope you enjoy the video

Hey buddy, I really enjoyed your game & appreciate all of the effort you went into, just to nail this atmosphere. Well done. I hope you enjoy the video!

Hey Edd, been following for quite a while & really enjoyed the update. I think the narrative is strong & the lore is a really well done & helps draw you in. I like the new addition even if it is small, but the atmosphere is killer & had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.  I made a video. Hope you enjoy it

I also like what I managed to do with the thumbnail 

WOW! Loved what you did in just 10 days. The atmosphere and detail is very good. Not sure if everyone else caught the fact the hands were sideways on the wall.... as you know what that means!!!!

Dude, so pleased I came across this gem of a game & hopefully when you have more time it becomes something more. A worthy successor of Alison Road here or even P.T. For those of you who haven't played the game, watch the video & download for yourself.

cheers buddy :)

Loved the writing yet again, the soundtrack was awesome as you can tell by the opening. Atmosphere wise, you nailed it. Some really creepy vibes which had me second guessing every step I took. Looking forward to your next game :)

So I played the concept demo! Check it out below

I finally managed to get round to playing & uploading Project Blood Crystal I hope you enjoy it. It never stops to amaze me just how maticulous you are Matt with your designs & I certainly think that watching you make this day after day on twitch has helped me understand a lot about your process. 

Ideally I had some other things in mind for the intro but after having a few issues outside of work & talking to you, I think it was best I left it. Regardless, here is my video for your enjoyment.


Looks like Autoerotic Coagulation has been taken down so I'll post it here

I really appreciate your art. You are a visionary

Thank you for email about your game. I have given it my thoughts and some areas of improvement. Overall not bad, some design choices are unique that I feel add to the overall feel of the game. 
I have started following you on itchio so please let me know about the next update. Hope you enjoy the video

Overall an ambitious project with some good scenes & imagary. I am glad you have decided to design your own assets as this is what will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Sci-fi setting inspired by blade runner & memoirs of a geisha makes for a good concept it seems.

The atmosphere was good especially leading up to the end, the corridoor section was very tense all the way up until the end where unfortunately the Geisha creature sound effect let it all down. As this is still in development I would suggest a more scary tone is used to portray the creature at the end, overall though great job & I look forward to the next update.


There is a lot of meaning behind this game & listening to your podcast made me realise how much this project means to you. It's almost a visual love letter to your wife. Thank you for sharing on itchio, & I am very glad I decided to play it & give it a go. I hope I did it some justice especially hearing what this means to you. Enjoy the 

kmhusky, the offical Nemeses discord is now open to everyone. Why don't you drop by?

It was okay, however alot of the sound assets look like they have been taken from PT which i'm pretty sure is not free. However, as long as these are used in the right way to hone your game design knowledge them I am okay with this. 

Graphics are gorgeous & well made & they look almost photorealistic. What is the plan for the full game?

Ok. I don't know what you have done to me, but you have me intrigued. I now want to know more about your inspirations & ideas behind the game. I am very pleased I came across your game because I enjoy playing things that are different. This is very surreal & I urge anyone looking at this page right now to download & play for yourself.

Loved the art style & loved the theme of the game. How creepy was it that it was starring at you from outside the entire time? I knew it was going to come in eventually. But that feeling of not knowing when was haunting me the entire time. Great little game & a very talented implementation of a game within a game!

WOW! Very rarely will I find something on itchio that actually impresses me on multiple levels. An allegory for adultory & alcholism? Perhaps the game is best left up for the player to interprept but you have a game here that has good graphics. Great sound design & a creepy PT inspired story arch which branches off quickly & lures you into that false sense of security. The moment you see "her" is when you realise that your heart stopped beating & you cant move & it's too late. Great game. Stop reading this & go play it now!

As per usual, Hawk delivers a great fun & surreal experience which everyone needs to experience.Hard at times but very rewarding

I really enjoyed the atmosphere you made in this game & I am eagerly awaiting the next update. It is very clear you have drawn inspirations from PT & Visage however what you have is your own unique setting & story. I like how the bright vibrancy of the game is then immediately contrasted with the dark setting of the game. It quickly becomes apparent that this game  is going to lure you into a false sense of security. GOOD JOB!!!! Please check out my video I made of you game.