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A great game with a funny concept!

Such a different approach means it really needs to be witnessed.

A great little surreal horror adventure through a magical forest village. Until someone decides to turn out the lights & send the village crazy.

Matt, I love your mind, & your story telling. Surrealism at it's finest. Can't wait for nemesis!

Very cool  game! Now make a physical edition :)

Hi Hawk, loved seeing the top hatter again! I really enjoyed this quick & crazy romp through a surreal world!

Check out the video & looking forward to the next game of yours!

Really enjoyed how clever this game is. It really messed with me & also my PC! LOL

Very well constructed & the atmosphere was very good.  I like how the game lures you into a false sense of security only to screw with you again. Very well done. Not enough originality these days but you have definitely delivered on this game. 

Thank you for making my time enjoyable.


Shot this a while back but forgot to post on here. Such a great game & actually filled me with dread during the chase scenes. The music is very on point!

Thanks man. Great game :)

I had alot of fun playing this game & you should definitely try it out if you haven't done so already!

Hi Blackhelmet_Games, thank you for asking me to play your game. I have actually quite enjoyed playing it & have some thoughts which I have commented on at the end of the video.

The Good:
Great atmosphere, sound & lighting. The game does a good job at bringing you into it's world & it is very detailed where it needs to be.

The creature is cool & quite different from other Survival Horror games I have played & fits the theme nicely. Good to see it's NOT just an asset flip & this was a design by your team.

A good amount of Lore to find in terms of notes & extra bits of back story to give the player context.

Areas of improvement:
The creature follows a very linear path & it would be good to see it deviate from this in a future update. This will keep the player on his/her toes & allow for more varied gameplay.

Echo location wasn't needed at all so if you can think of something else to use it for that would be great.

No conclusion at the end. I thought we were looking for Levana? All we did was run away? Again, I know this is in beta but some form of context is needed otherwise the player has endured the struggle for nothing.

Doors, a single click to open instead of holding down the mouse button. 

The key at the end of the game in the box is very difficult to take, you have to be in a very awkward angle to get it. 

Candle that you carry needs a flame attached.

Really enjoyed the game & can't wait to see your next update. Please keep up the good work & I look forward to speaking with you soon. Enjoy the video.

Hi guys, please excuse my narrating however I felt it added a little something else to it.

Great little story & really enjoyable.

Great game with a lot of potential. Some very cool horror tropes used in this game that work well. Audio queues for the heartbeats I feel can be tweaked so they are not so pronounced but other than that the game looks very promising. Just the right amount of demon sightings too!

Enjoy guys

I loved this.... But still not as scary as Sega/Paramount's new film :)

Very cool game. Freaky monster & some decent lore to find throughout the world. 

Can't tell you how creepy this game is. For a demo it's very long and you even get a one shot mode in case you want to experience the game in a quick burst. I managed to finish all 4 chapters and look forward to the final game this year. The concept is good & the creature is pretty terrifying!

Being a huge Silent Hill fan I decided to take a look at your game. I was very pleased & enjoyed my time with the game. The creature was very original & had it's own charm/scare to it & the constant feeling of dread of it being around the corner brought back memories of my time back in that restless town. 

OMG! I had so much fun playing this. It's a great little game & it really plays on your nerves. The tension is strong & the whole time I was playing I felt like I was being watched. At moments the game really messed with me & I liked that.

Pretty good game despite the bugs, however they are not game breaking by any means.

My VR turns on when I go to play this so hopefully, I will be able to go back & try the VR elements of the game!

Good graphics & a creepy atmosphere. Definately worth checking out

This game has a very strong narrative & surprise twist which you must experience. All I can say is well done Jordan Browne.

Episode 1 playthrough completed & whilst I think it has alot of potential, the games glaring issues make it difficult to enjoy. The monster needed more screen time as this was the highlight of the playthrough.

Be sure to make it that the monster stalks you continuously in chapter 2. Don't rush & good luck.

Really loved this game. Beautiful & creepy in every way. Great job.

Watch my playthrough here & subscibe, also follow me on Dlive

Thanks for the reply! I’m glad I did good on pronouncing your name. I’m very sorry that I assumed your a guy. Just the way the industry is I suppose. 

I hope all is well with you & I look forward to finding the 4 additional secrets.

Hey Jingyi, I really enjoyed playing through your game. I am a big fan of the art style. Have you played "The Last Door"? Anyway, I have made a video of your game & posted it on our social media page & also

uploaded to our youtube channel. 

I will be doing another playthrough Monday as I want to get the two secrets I believe I missed but I won't spoil them on here. Loved the puzzles. Very creative! Keep up the good work.