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This game is very surreal & also very unique in that there is hardly anything like it out there. I hope you enjoy the video & do take the time to download & try for yourself!

Looks like Autoerotic Coagulation has been taken down so I'll post it here

I really appreciate your art. You are a visionary

Thank you for email about your game. I have given it my thoughts and some areas of improvement. Overall not bad, some design choices are unique that I feel add to the overall feel of the game. 
I have started following you on itchio so please let me know about the next update. Hope you enjoy the video

Overall an ambitious project with some good scenes & imagary. I am glad you have decided to design your own assets as this is what will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Sci-fi setting inspired by blade runner & memoirs of a geisha makes for a good concept it seems.

The atmosphere was good especially leading up to the end, the corridoor section was very tense all the way up until the end where unfortunately the Geisha creature sound effect let it all down. As this is still in development I would suggest a more scary tone is used to portray the creature at the end, overall though great job & I look forward to the next update.


There is a lot of meaning behind this game & listening to your podcast made me realise how much this project means to you. It's almost a visual love letter to your wife. Thank you for sharing on itchio, & I am very glad I decided to play it & give it a go. I hope I did it some justice especially hearing what this means to you. Enjoy the 

kmhusky, the offical Nemeses discord is now open to everyone. Why don't you drop by?

It was okay, however alot of the sound assets look like they have been taken from PT which i'm pretty sure is not free. However, as long as these are used in the right way to hone your game design knowledge them I am okay with this. 

Graphics are gorgeous & well made & they look almost photorealistic. What is the plan for the full game?

Ok. I don't know what you have done to me, but you have me intrigued. I now want to know more about your inspirations & ideas behind the game. I am very pleased I came across your game because I enjoy playing things that are different. This is very surreal & I urge anyone looking at this page right now to download & play for yourself.

Loved the art style & loved the theme of the game. How creepy was it that it was starring at you from outside the entire time? I knew it was going to come in eventually. But that feeling of not knowing when was haunting me the entire time. Great little game & a very talented implementation of a game within a game!

WOW! Very rarely will I find something on itchio that actually impresses me on multiple levels. An allegory for adultory & alcholism? Perhaps the game is best left up for the player to interprept but you have a game here that has good graphics. Great sound design & a creepy PT inspired story arch which branches off quickly & lures you into that false sense of security. The moment you see "her" is when you realise that your heart stopped beating & you cant move & it's too late. Great game. Stop reading this & go play it now!

As per usual, Hawk delivers a great fun & surreal experience which everyone needs to experience.Hard at times but very rewarding

I really enjoyed the atmosphere you made in this game & I am eagerly awaiting the next update. It is very clear you have drawn inspirations from PT & Visage however what you have is your own unique setting & story. I like how the bright vibrancy of the game is then immediately contrasted with the dark setting of the game. It quickly becomes apparent that this game  is going to lure you into a false sense of security. GOOD JOB!!!! Please check out my video I made of you game.

A video of The Riverside Incident to give you an idea of other great puppet combo games!

Hey Matt, I really enjoyed this. It always amazes me how much thought goes into the design of your games. The audio is very clever *NO SPOILERS* and I like how you find ways to create meaning & it's never just "here isd a monster, here is a setting, go have fun". There is ALWAYS a purpose & design choice in what you do & it really goes a long way. I hope I got the idea behind the game in my summary at the end :)

No problem. I really did enjoy it so when you have another update with some changes let me know and I’ll replay for you! 


Please enjoy my gameplay 

Hi, So i played your game which was suggested to me by one of my subscribers & to my suprise I actually had a fun time playing the game. (See video)

The name I feel needs changing as explained in the video but I like the art style & the humour that goes along with it. I think it shows creativity & thought. You are on the right track & some improvements clearly need to be made along with some other visual additions to help the player understand. Hoope you like the video and I look forward to seeing what the next update brings


I love the hunmour & i love the idea. You have made a really enjoyable game here & I believe you could do alot more with this mechanic. 

Well done for creating quite the nice little atmosphere. I especially liked the person who bolts passed the door in the kitchen. The sound design was good & the overall setting was well designed. Maybe not advertise on the note about the assets? Breaks the immersion!

Puppet Combo & team once again prove they are the kings of tension! The sound direction on this one is frightfully delicious. Everytime that alarm bell went off I died a little inside. Great job on the atmosphere & the pacing. I generally went from feeling safe, to feeling like my face was about to be slit off in seconds!

I really enjoyed the style of the game. I like the story & I like how the atmosphere is captured. Despite nothing really coming for you, the haunting feeling and claustrophobic corridors of the hotel left me wanting more. A great ending as well which I honestly didn’t see coming. A must play!

A double feature based on other puppet combo games!

Hi, please check out this video we did on our channel. Please subscribe and help us out. Thank you to all of those who are continued supporters and well done to the dev for making a very interesting game. I hope you continue to build on this & develop the story more.

hi, bought this on steam early access after playing the demo last year & a lot has been improved on this. This game is clearly inspired by games of yester year such as Resident Evil & Silent Hill & quite frankly does have a lot of potential. It’s good to see the developer hasn’t given up as there are lots of updates coming through on steam. My main area of concern for the game right now is optimisation. This needs work as there are a few glitches here and there and performance can take a dive even on really good hardware. However, I a man aware this is early access so it is to Be expected I guess. Anyway, please check out the video made and please check out my channel, please also subscribe as it really helps me out!

I love your games & how surreal they are.... or your art pieces, whatever you feel they should be reffered to as, there is no denying their uniqueness. Enjoy the video

A fantastic piece of development, one of which continues and see's completion. Here is a video of my playthrough on our channel

I really enjoyed the multiple genreas you have put into this game. I hope you enjoy the video :)

Loved the game. A great atmosphere with great ambient sounds and also a great style realised as a PS1 game. Well done!

Hi all, I know I may be a little late to the party on this one, but saw this and had to try it, being the worlds biggest Silent Hill fan. So, understandably, very dissapointed. I would really love to see the 2nd episode & I hope my feedback isn't too harsh. Whilst I feel the game has alot of potential, it misses the mark very dearly

Loved it! Please enjoy! 

Hi Matt, 

As always I really loved playing through your new game! Hope you enjoy the video!

Great atmosphere & mood setting. I can't wait to see more.

Enjoy the video :)

Really enjoying the mechanics you guys have implemented & also learning them for myself. Hope you enjoy the video

Hi guys, 

really enjoyed the games. The scares were good & got me every time. I hope the game is progressing well & I look forward to playing the rest when that becomes available. Please watch my video. There is some feedback & review of what I played at the end.

I really liked the writing in this game. It was very visually striking and it really stands out against other games!

Eagerly awaiting june 22nd! Let me know if there is anything else I can do to support!

So so good!

Great game! A definate spin on the usual Horror genre. A must play for horror fans & anyone else who likes a good scare and a laugh!

Hi Adam,

Thanks for updating the game & also letting me know about the specific bugs you have fixed.

Upon boot up of the new update I noticed a lot of visual changes and also the gamma has been improved a lot also. Visual prompts are now there & some of the environments are different. The game also runs alot smoother also, so some optimisation has clearly been made.

Well done!

I have supported you by donating some money as I really feel you are working on something very important here & it has so much potential.

I loved the interactive teaser part at the end about the 22nd june update. Very cool & original. 

I made a part 2 of the video. Hope you enjoy & keep up the good work.