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dude this game is awesome! I love it! There is so much going on here & cant wait to play more.  You have really captured the essence of a PS1 game & there are some really decent mechanics here. The map size is pretty good for the demo but I think the map size should increase & vary as each level progresses. I would also encourage a slightly less obvious noise for the bowel of ramen to give him more of a chance to catch you. Otherwise. PURE NOSTALGIC AWESOMENESS

Hey thanks a lot for the kind words. I really appreciate it! :D 
I agree, the map was a bit too small and overall I don't feel like it worked all that well. Episode 1 will have a very different map (still set in the store though) and I made the overall objective a bit more interesting I hope. The sounds need to stay though. <3 Though I assume I should make them a bit quieter to not give the position away too soon? :)

Hey Siactro, thanks for the reply. I get the sounds need to stay. I mean, yeah if you could make them quieter initially that would be good. Just to add more to the element of surprise when you do get seen, but still a solid game man & I really look forward to seeing the next iteration :)