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This was really creative!  I thought the mechanics were very well explained.  I got turned around in the desert-ish area, but otherwise had a great experience.

This is so cool! I thought the art really added to the overall atmosphere.  I'm willing you could make a much longer story in this style if you wanted to.

I loved this!  It felt like I was gradually unraveling a mystery, and I was using various hints that I picked up along the way to backtrack and get more info.  Well done!

Loved this!  Reminded me a lot of Ready Player One with the mix between the real world and digital world.

Something I definitely struggled with was making the moral dilemmas actual dilemmas.  What I was going for was that to keep to the original rescue mission, the colony would need to be sabotaged, but helping is always going to feel like the correct decision, hence it might not feel like much of a moral dilemma at all.  Thank you so much for playing!

Thank you so much!

This is so cool!  The story was intriguing, and I loved the idea of needing to invent a word on the spot.  It seemed like I was only able to add a prefix or a suffix, but not both, but I ended up winning with 'interraya' anyways.  I had a lot of fun with this one, awesome job!

Cool story! I only got a little confused because there was one time I had the mop but couldn't use it, but when I restarted it was fine.  Overall, I liked the atmosphere a lot, this could absolutely become a much bigger story!  Great job!

I found it a bit confusing only because I'm not a very philosophical person, but I found this super interesting.  I like how you applied the theme to philosophical thinking, and I liked the idea of the different endings being different processes of reasoning.  This was super original, and I found myself playing and replaying it over and over again.  Also, the music was a very nice touch.  Awesome job!

I really loved the concept of paying attention to the characters' personalities to create an object unique to them.  I found the dossier super helpful, I would be completely lost without it.  Well done, I had a lot of fun playing!