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Bug: you can click an already purchased diamond upgrade and lose diamonds.

Quick start-up guide:

1. Click on a square and buy a tower. You can drag any tower to a new square for free.

2. Buy more towers and increase their damage/range until you can beat Wave 10.

3. Stop buying upgrades, run in background and farm the diamonds at Wave 10.

Love this! Fantastic concept and execution for the game jam - 5 stars all around.

If you continue this  after the jam, consider adding health, and boss attacks. Then you can add a couple extra dice: nature for healing, and lightning to stun bosses.

Lovely animation, fantastic concept and execution! 5 stars from me

Man, I love good drill games. This was a great jam entry!

Needs just a bit more to take it the next level. Some comments:

- faster animation of dice, or have them all roll at once

- more options for treasure, some worth more that show up the deeper you dig

- an option to end the run early

I would also like to agree with ArjenK's review. Was great, but the lategame was less enjoyable.

If you continue this after the jam, I would love to see some more late game features. Maybe an upgrade for a breakable left wall? Or some kind of rare golden dice for instant cash?

Stock up on good shield dice for Queen Bee. Use honey die to cover the Crown marked slots in honey, and it gives a x2 bonus to a die placed there.

Use a honey die to cover that slot in honey, and it gives a x2 bonus to a die used in the honey-covered Crown marked slot.

This is a great game! Just enough RNG to sometimes be frustrating, and sometimes too easy.

If you are still working on this, a couple QOL improvements:

- a pause button hotkey (space)

- a fast-forward button. Some of the early levels can be slow, especially with Wizard's Cyclone and Blizzard spells.

Phenomenal! This is great for a game jam - would love to see a larger version. This mechanic is so unique!

32:20 is the time to beat. I think the first section is where you need to find the optimal setup for zealots. Takes me about 20 minutes to reach 10M followers and unlock Propaganda. The rest of the game goes much quicker.

Still a bit of optimization possible. Will try for sub 30:00 later