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This is a pretty interesting idea. I really wanna see an expansion on this. Could make a neat game.

Most of the ideas I had were from celeste but the theme was loosely inspired by King of Thieves.

Ah I see. So you don't have arrow keys? Never seen a keyboard like this before. I'll see what I can do.

Heyyyy, I really like yours as well! Glad you liked mine.

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The modifier key? I've never heard of that before. Could you tell me a bit more about it?

Engineer gaming

This is probably one of the most ''game-like'' games in the jam. Like, if it were released on Itch as normal game I'd still play it. Can't believe it was made in 48 hrs. Fun little idea, cute art style! I think you and your team absolutely nailed it!

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Heyyy, glad you liked it! I agree with you on the difficulty, but it happens when a clock is ticking, ya know.

One thing I do wish I added was to make it so the player only starts moving once you press a button so the level doesn't start immediately. Only thought of this now. Might be neat to add in later.

Thank you for the detailed review. I'll see what I can do after the jam.

That's actually what I wanted to do instead of the slow down mechanic, but I had issues getting it to work properly without having some issues with the physics. I might go back to it after the jam ends.

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Don't mind me, just yeeting the rubbish out so my game can load.

Great concept, very polished!

Ah, don't say that haha! Glad you liked it.

This definitely the problem I had making this. With the little time I had, coming up with meaningful levels were too difficult I suppose, except for the earlier ones. I can't really change the game now but maybe I can make it more ''puzzle-like'' after the jam.

Hey, thanks for playing. Your feedback is very helpful, and I'll see what I can do to explain the mechanics a bit better.

Oh wow, this is really well made. Great features, cozy UI, super polished. Gonna follow this for updates.

Thanks, glad you liked it. Though I don't plan on making a desktop version for this game (the game is no longer supported), I'll try to make one for future projects.

Ah I see. The wrapping around is considered a gane mechanic and does become important later in the game. Doubletapping isn't required, but I can see how hard that might be

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Bounds? What are those, I've never heard of them?

HYPERSURF is a rhythm game featuring chiptune music and a 1-bit pixel art style. The gameplay involves using only two-buttons: UP and DOWN; easy to learn but hard to master. Give it a try:

Thanks m8. I'm working on something similar and I hope I can show it to you soon!

Cool game, bro!

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This is one of the greatest Roguelikes I'd ever played! The core mechanic is quite simple and extremely fun to use. Progression feels great, although it does need a little bit more balancing, like with the Max HP upgrade (it's a bit too less) and also the enemy attacks (the attack range is kind of annoying). Other than that, it's just plain awesome. I hope to see more of this in the future!