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Thank you! You're not the first who's mentioned the slow mechanics, and I agree. It's one of those things that didn't quite translate from my mind to the game. I'll definitely consider the speed challenge if I get around to making more levels.

Thanks for playing! Yeah, that stick-vanishing bug was killing me towards the end of development. Still haven't quite figured it out, but I'm glad you enjoyed it!

This game has a really nice, creepy atmosphere. It did take me a few playthroughs to realize the optimal way of playing. My one small gripe is that the horror vibe of the game encourages a "hide in the corner and shoot" style of playing, but the mechanics themselves work better with a "Rambo knee-deep in monster guts" approach. Still highly enjoyable! (Also, if you get a chance, adding a few good sfx or background music will go a long way)

Very nice for how minimalist it is. I think if you included a visible grid (or rather tick marks), it would be easier to interpret the enemy movement patterns, and where the safe spots are. That in turn could lead to the enemies having more complex cycles, and possibly other advanced mechanics.

Wow, that's hard! It is nice to know that I can just hit tab for safety though. With a better autopilot that learns to avoid the obvious hazards, this would be a lot of fun.

Very nice concept, art and animation. It was hard to figure out all the mechanics at once (controls, jumping on arrows, speed of the arrows, picking the lock), but it wasn't too much of a problem given there were no enemies trying to kill me or anything. I enjoyed it!

No worries. The goal is to get exactly one marble to the bottom of each screen. Of course, I'm open to suggestions for how to convey that better.

Thanks for playing!