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Ok, this is pretty friggin awesome! It looks and feels incredible, and the music is really cool too.

If there's one thing I would suggest changing, it would be the timer. I feel like other mechanics would be better for putting pressure on the player that they can work around (enemies that track you, rising water, etc.) But given that this was made for a jam, the time constraint is totally understandable. I'm giving this top marks for sure!

Hey look, a 3d game! : )

Good job with the movement and combat, it feels very satisfying.  However navigating the map was very difficult for a couple of reasons. The first is that I wasn't able to see the entire screen, or access a full-screen button, which limited my field of view significantly. Also, I'm unable to rotate the camera (maybe this isn't a problem if I was able to see the whole screen) But as it is, it's nearly impossible to platform with these limitations. I hope they get resolved, or if I'm missing something, it gets pointed out, because it looks like a very fun game otherwise!

It was a bit hard to figure out how the purchasing system worked, but once I got it, the game was fun!

It's interesting that the optimal strategy is to wait until the last second to feed the blob (to maximize income). Normally, I would consider this a bad thing because it slows down gameplay and makes the player wait. However, there's something so satisfying about watching the blob expand and then suddenly shrink, so I don't think this should be "fixed".

I also liked how you had the purchased animals wandering around inside their boxes, rather than just standing still. That kinda stuff really adds to the experience!

Great game! The platforming was deceptively challenging, but the fact that you could replenish and upgrade your hearts made up for it. I think the beginning was a little too difficult just cause collecting enough gems to buy a heart was a task that is likely to make you lose more hearts. (Maybe there could be more gems early on, or the price could start lower and go up as you play?)

Small gripes aside, it was super fun to play and the color palettes look amazing!

Good procedural runner! The speed, obstacles, and variable jump height all seemed well-balanced, so it was challenging, but fair. It would be nice if there were some coins to collect, or something to change up the gameplay if you get far enough.

Awesome, I'm glad you like it, and good job making it to the final level!

Thanks a lot! Yeah, I was kinda hoping to complete a few more levels to bridge the gap before the final one with the UFO, but time wasn't permitting : (

I'm honored it's your favorite - I'm seeing lots of clever and creative ways to use the assets in this jam (including yours)

Haha, just played it again. That was clever

That was fun! I lost it at the "help me" "no" dialogue

I don't know how, but I managed to get an enemy stuck in the spawn point, effectively soft-locking the game. The second time I played, I wasn't able to pick up a certain flower (spent about a minute running over it at every angle I could) which was weird, because I was able to on my first playthrough.

Issues aside, I enjoyed it, and as others have said, the animations added a lot to the experience.

That's a tough platformer! I liked how you could change your movement direction while facing the same way with the arrow keys, and that using momentum and variable jump height are required later on. I think with this style of platforming, it's incredibly beneficial to buffer inputs and use coyote time/delayed jumps. Even though it's meant to be frustrating, dying 30 times due to jumping on the wrong frame doesn't feel too good. Nice work!

Nice work! I would love to see the story continue and keep getting more ridiculous. (Maybe the king needs a time traveler for some reason, and has to go searching, then the guard follows after the king, etc. Each character could have a different set of skills for navigating the level)

The platforming felt pretty simplistic, but understandable since time is a valuable resource. I think it was a good choice to invest it in the story/cutscenes.

Not bad for 5 hours, although I don't understand what causes the "enemy" to sometimes imitate me and sometimes not. I think it has potential if there is an end goal and a way to control if you are being followed.

I like that this game has a story/character based approach. I would have liked to see more dialogue and maybe repeat interactions with some of the characters so that choosing to spare/kill them has more consequences than simply loosing health. Also, I think it would be nice if some of the more aggressive characters blocked your path so you couldn't just walk around them.

I like the simplicity and the music adds a lot of charm. I think it would be nice if it had more levels, and if the player had something to do while the ant was crawling, (e.g. holding space to slow enemies slightly, or affect the environment in other ways so it's not just about timing the inputs). The cutscene at the end was also nice!

As a die-hard Celeste fan, I thoroughly enjoyed this : )

Very cool, I was not expecting someone to go full strategy with their entry. (Unfortunately I don't have anyone to play with right now, but it was fun to see how you implemented the mechanics) One suggestion I would have if you want to add more would be to create territorial objectives. That way positioning would involve more strategy than just trying to line up favorable fights with their pieces.

Good job!

I like the design choices you made. The switches can lead to some very versatile mechanics. Unfortunately the physics are pretty wonky, and I got stuck unable to move a couple times. I'm also not entirely sure why you limited the view to a circle in front of the player though. It seems like a good idea for a horror game but gets in the way when I'm trying to solve puzzles. Still, with some polish, I could see this being a very fun game : )

Thanks for playing that far! We'll be uploading a fixed build once voting is complete (with more levels as well), but if you're dying to get past it now, I'll give you some instructions.

The way the puzzle works is that by standing on one of the three small blocks, the white block (should) change color to let that robot through. Right now, it doesn't change color, but it does allow the correct robot to pass. To get past safely, follow these steps:

1. Stand on the left-most switch with the blue robot.

2. Walk through the white barrier with the red robot (do NOT touch the other switches).

3. Move the blue robot to the right-most switch.

4. Walk through the barrier with the yellow robot, and stand on the bottom switch.

5. Walk through the barrier with the blue robot.

Thanks for being patient. Hope this helps!


Thanks for coming to play our game! Just to let you know, there is a visual bug about half-way through the tutorial that makes it very difficult to progress (the white block). To get past this, we recommend you fall to the lower platform at the beginning of the level to skip it. Good luck!

Thank you! You're not the first who's mentioned the slow mechanics, and I agree. It's one of those things that didn't quite translate from my mind to the game. I'll definitely consider the speed challenge if I get around to making more levels.

Thanks for playing! Yeah, that stick-vanishing bug was killing me towards the end of development. Still haven't quite figured it out, but I'm glad you enjoyed it!

This game has a really nice, creepy atmosphere. It did take me a few playthroughs to realize the optimal way of playing. My one small gripe is that the horror vibe of the game encourages a "hide in the corner and shoot" style of playing, but the mechanics themselves work better with a "Rambo knee-deep in monster guts" approach. Still highly enjoyable! (Also, if you get a chance, adding a few good sfx or background music will go a long way)

Very nice for how minimalist it is. I think if you included a visible grid (or rather tick marks), it would be easier to interpret the enemy movement patterns, and where the safe spots are. That in turn could lead to the enemies having more complex cycles, and possibly other advanced mechanics.

Wow, that's hard! It is nice to know that I can just hit tab for safety though. With a better autopilot that learns to avoid the obvious hazards, this would be a lot of fun.

Very nice concept, art and animation. It was hard to figure out all the mechanics at once (controls, jumping on arrows, speed of the arrows, picking the lock), but it wasn't too much of a problem given there were no enemies trying to kill me or anything. I enjoyed it!

No worries. The goal is to get exactly one marble to the bottom of each screen. Of course, I'm open to suggestions for how to convey that better.

Thanks for playing!