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Definitely, I would be happy to help! Shoot me a message on Twitter @avior_dev so we can discuss the project! :)

Hi there! I'm offering my services as an editor to any Yaoi Jam devs with non-commercial projects less than 15k words! I'm also happy to work on commercial projects and/or non-commercial longer projects for a negotiable fee.

I can do proofreading, line editing, and full story editing.  I'm currently working with the team behind "The Prince's Heart," and am looking to take on some more projects!

For more information you can check out my thread over on LSF:

Please contact me if you're interested or if you have any questions!

This was a short but very cool and polished demo! I really love the color palette and aesthetics going on here. I also love the style of the characters' voices--I'm assuming they must be edited gibberish(?) voice clips of some kind? The cartography is simple but fun, and I can see it scaling well to a larger experience!

I think my only feedback is that some key rebinding would be nice (not that I would expect this on an early demo!); it's a little awkward to have up arrow be look up and space be jump, and the I key isn't particularly convenient to press.

But other than that I'm really looking forward to finding out more about this little world and our pumpkin cartographer! I'll be keeping an eye on this one. :)

I love this little game! I'm also aroace and the representation here is really good! That's pretty hard to find so it's very nice to see it. I especially felt for Manami with the "what do you mean you actually feel romantic/sexual attraction??" moments. I've known I'm aroace since I was very young (though I didn't have the words at the time) and I've never dated anyone so my experience is a little different, but I'm constantly having those moments where I realize that romantic/sexual attraction is actually a thing that exists and not just a cute concept for a story haha.

I really love the full body sprites in combination with the little windowed backgrounds, it's makes a very nice feeling! The crossed out choices were a really interesting way to show Manami's hesitation in talking about things, and really showed her anxiety and the way she thinks in a very real way.

It's a small thing but I also really love the little beep sound when the phone hangs up. It's cute haha.

Thanks for a great little game! I hope to play more of yours in the future! :)

This game was super cute and just the right length! I really love Astragalus, and Pastille is so cute, I hope Periwinkle continues to gently bully him forever haha. Also, the music for this game was really nice! It was noticeable but in a good way. Thanks for another great game! :)

You never fail to make fun games--this one was really cute! I loved the map-based interaction style and how little conversations between other characters slowly tell you the story of what's really going on. Even in a game this short, it really made me want to cheer for our two couples!

Great job! It's really impressive for a game you made so quickly. :D

Thanks so much!! I wanted to test people's survival creativity with input choices, hopefully I can put in enough options to match everyone's ideas!

I'm sorry it took me forever to actually reply to this but I can't describe how much it means to me that you still remember my little game after so long! I'm glad you like it enough to come back and play it again. This comment has made me feel better a bunch of times already, so thanks so much for taking the time to play my game and leave such a nice note!

Hi there! I'd be happy to make a simple guide but it might take me a bit since it's been awhile since I made the game--I don't remember off the top of my head how to get each ending myself haha. But I'll do my best to make one soon and upload it on this page so keep an eye out! Thanks for playing!

Just saying, I would totally buy "Dr. Frank's Weird Wall Hangings Postcard Set," if such a thing were to exist, haha.

And thank you! Please let me know what you think when you get around to playing it!

Hey, hey, I'm so glad you managed to finish the demo! It was really cute and hilarious and I can't wait to play the full version!

I really loved the art style for the opening, and I love the backgrounds, too. I hope you will consider making downloadable posters/postcards of the "Never Give Up" poster and the "Top Secret" plan diagram or something haha. I would love to have those to stick up somewhere!

Best of luck with the full version! I'm really looking forward to it!

I totally get you, I'm pretty new to the indie dev scene too so self-promotion is still a little weird, haha. Hopefully it gets easier with time!

They say it's impossible to make anything 100% original in the world, and I can't say I disagree! People are just influenced by things and have things stored in the subconscious, so all you can do is try your best to make something interesting and unique.

And honestly, fun fact: part of my desire to go through with the idea for this game was so I could use all of my weird knowledge about cannibalism and related topics, haha. I'm a master of collecting weird information so I've gotta use it somewhere, right? So I totally get you there too, it's nice to have a chance to use that info!

I'm glad you had fun with Parker's route! Thank you so much for giving his route a try even though you didn't like Thomas' much! (And if you haven't found them yet, you can get the epilogues by restarting the game after getting all the bad ends. There will be a new option at the point where the game branches into their two routes!)

Hi there! I just finished all the endings!

It was a bit darker (I feel like that might be an accidental pun...) than I was expecting, but I did enjoy that! The variety of endings was really nice, but I wish there was a bit more of a lead in; ie, something to give us an idea of what ending might occur because of the choices we've made. ([SPOILER] Especially since the villain designed this with "choosing" in mind. [/SPOILER])

But the music/sound is really the focus of this, and you did a great job with that! The music gave an atmosphere of silence without actually being silent, and most of the sound effects complimented the descriptions well. Good job!

And since I'm here, there's a couple technical difficulties I wanted to note for you. Like the previous commenter, I was unable to make the game work with the itch app; it downloads, but it can't install. The folder on my computer shows that all of the music files are missing, as well.

When I downloaded the standalone from the website and unzipped it, I found that there are two music files with question marks in the filenames. I'm assuming you're using a Mac(?), but I'm on Windows (as is the other commenter), and Windows does not allow question marks in filenames. So when I unzipped it, the unzipping tool automatically removed those question marks from the files (which subsequently caused Renpy to report them missing). I'm not sure if this is what caused the error with the itch app, but the missing music files in that download suggests it might be related. I hope this helps!

Hi, thanks for the comment! (And thanks for your Let's Play, it's totally fine to post the link and I'll be sure to take a look later!)

I have to say, I have seen Hannibal, but I didn't really think about it in regards to this game until you said that! But now that you mention it, I can see some similarities, haha. (Although if Lane is similar to Will, I don't think there's any character particularly similar to Hannibal in it...)

I'm glad you're overall enjoying the game so far! I hope you enjoy Parker's ends since you don't like Thomas as much (which is understandable).

As for the "human proteins," you're right that they would denature somewhat upon being cooked. There is actually more of a story behind Lane's cannibalism that should give you a more satisfying answer (check those epilogues), but I don't want to spoil it for you! (Although, I did try to make the game realistic, but it is still largely pseudoscience because it's fiction, so I would urge you not to take it too seriously, haha.)

Hi, and welcome to! I'm honored that my game is one of the first you've played from here. I hope you enjoyed the other ends as well! (And I hope you find many more fun games to play on here; there's tons!)

Thanks for leaving a comment, and sorry for the really late reply! I'm glad that the game had the right balance for you.

I'm glad you're excited to play! I hope you enjoy it. (And let me know if you come across any other gay cannibal games haha)

Thank you so much! I'm glad you're enjoying the game so far, and I hope you'll enjoy the other routes/ends as well!

Thanks for commenting! I'm glad you gave the game a try even though the cannibalism part was gross for you. I thought it would be fun to do a cannibal character who was less of an antagonist (so not a serial killer, as you said).

The abruptness and similarities of the endings were things I was definitely worried about when I was writing. In trying to keep the game short (and within the three in-game days) to be able to finish everything by the deadline, it ended up that way. I'll definitely keep it in mind for the future, thank you for your honest opinions!