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I totally get you, I'm pretty new to the indie dev scene too so self-promotion is still a little weird, haha. Hopefully it gets easier with time!

They say it's impossible to make anything 100% original in the world, and I can't say I disagree! People are just influenced by things and have things stored in the subconscious, so all you can do is try your best to make something interesting and unique.

And honestly, fun fact: part of my desire to go through with the idea for this game was so I could use all of my weird knowledge about cannibalism and related topics, haha. I'm a master of collecting weird information so I've gotta use it somewhere, right? So I totally get you there too, it's nice to have a chance to use that info!

I'm glad you had fun with Parker's route! Thank you so much for giving his route a try even though you didn't like Thomas' much! (And if you haven't found them yet, you can get the epilogues by restarting the game after getting all the bad ends. There will be a new option at the point where the game branches into their two routes!)

Let's hope so))

Haha yeah, also as they say it's not the idea that makes things like books/movies/gamed good, it's the way you tell the story, how you present everything))

Haha, well it's a good way to use it. And it reminded me about that time when I was doing some online course on criminalistic topic and one of the girl was like "I honestly think that if someone saw my browser history I'd be put away in prison for a long time, because no-one would ever believe me that I was searching all that for my work as a writer" xD

OH yeah!! It was really nice experience and thanks for information. I'll try to use it in future ^_^