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The cars very often came in pairs, which kinda defeated the point of having two lanes of cars. Otherwise, quite a neat game!

This was pretty fun. One suggestion though: Instead of indicating the controls by moving the letters around on the keys, it would have been a lot more intuitive if the keys were labeled with arrows, indicating what each WASD key does.

Game seems pretty neat, but while playing it FROZE ALL of currently running applications, requiring me to force shutdown all of them. Doubt that was intentional, but I've never had such a thing happen before.

It's an interesting idea. The nature of movement unfortunately makes it difficult to figure out where you will end up when you move up/down, and the orange and red tiles sometimes overlap in unfortunate ways, making the gameplay feel a bit unfair.

Very nice art. I like how the whole menu is themed around painters and paintings. The actual combat lacks depth, though. It seems the only way to beat the AI (No matter the weapons) is with a simple looping strategy. Trying to do anything fancier just gets you killed. Not sure how it plays with 2 people though, so maybe this is just a product of an ai written in a short time frame.

Your small view makes it hard to find things (It's a little bit like "wander around in the void until you stumble across something" but less extreme), and the fact that there's often nothing moving onscreen makes it feel like nothing's happening even when you're moving. But l liked the music and cutscenes, those fit quite nicely!

The movement controls are a little awkward, namely how you can only travel in the cardinal directions and some directions override others. But the idea of the combat is interesting and fun, and I like the enemy graphics. I also ran into a few issues with bosses either getting out of their arena or out of the map entirely. And the paint, while cool and useful, doesn't seem emphasized enough. By which I mean, the use of paint to block certain coloured enemies is much more interesting than the rest of combat, but you're interacting with it much less than the rest of combat.

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I like the idea of colour cycling and how you take advantage of the order in the level design to create interesting levels. Difficulty ramps up quite quickly though. The wall jump also feels off... Notably that it forces you away from the wall without you having to hold away from the wall, and that tapping to move away from the wall even slightly before pressing jump causes you to be unable to jump. That's not bad design in and of itself, but it is contrary to the way wall jumps are done in most games, which makes it that much harder to learn.

The controls are quite difficult to get used to, and the player isn't very responsive (I think that's part of the point though - but it makes dodging things reeeeally hard). But overall fun gameplay, and a solid set of mechanics.

A good idea, but quite difficult to play and learn! Particularly when two monsters come at once, the window of time for dealing with both is just so dang tiny (Especially, i think, with green). I don't know that I'd ever think to use red, just wouldn't have the time to believe it necessary. It also took me about 10 tries to figure out how to play. Your description phrased it as "sacrifice a white panel in order to cover the panel where the monster lies" but in gameplay it seems more like you just have to keep a certain number of tiles open, there's no real covering up. I was trying to click and drag tiles, and was wondering why sometimes I could click a monster tile to cover it up and sometimes I couldn't.

Really nicely done art. Not sure if there was supposed to be sound - none played for me. The scribberang is a good weapon, but has a fair bit of downtime built in, making it difficult to manage when the enemies get thicker, and makes missing a quick enemy kill quite punishing. A mechanic that allowed the scribberang to return faster under certain conditions might be nice.

A very simple game, and sometimes a bit hard to see. I find I wait around a fair bit at the beginning waiting for something to happen, but once it does, it's quite engaging! Those narrow rectangles though - are they safe to stand on if the blocks on either side come up? That must be a pretty tight squeeze! I felt like they were basically danger zones too.

There's a fair bit of waiting around in the puzzles - especially when you feel its too risky to do any more. I guess that's part of the game though, but having the "e" key speed things up a bit more to reduce the waiting would help. Having a hotkey to instantly start the next level when you complete one would also help. (And having them not auto-start at inconvenient times would help too!) But over all a nice and fun idea. In particular, for the Macarena levels, i'm not sure if I just missed something or if your controls really do randomly switch function after a time - in which case that feel quite unfair, and encourages the player to end the level early.

It's difficult to control (Not helped by the controls not having a good explanation), and the lack of a score system means there's no player feedback to speak of - I don't feel rewarded for doing well or challenged to do better. But the sounds fit quite nicely.

A fun idea, that's engaging in an oddly rhythmic way. The only major complaint I have is that coloured block can turn into black blocks the instant before you click them - meaning how high of a score you can get seems mostly a matter of luck.

Controls: Q/E or arrow keys to control wind, A/D and Spacebar to move