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Ah yeah it's right to left and left to right :P And then above your head for the shield.

I don't think I'm able to bind down-right separately, it seems it's just activating both right and down. I might just have to remove the 180 turn for the Vive.

@ #2 That's a pitfall of the Vive wands, the buttons are on the same area used for movement... hmm... I'll have to add a sensitivity adjustment in the future.

I've encountered the slow motion bug once myself, haven't been able to pinpoint what causes it, and it seems impossible to reproduce. Although probably not a huge concern since I'm going to be removing it altogether anyway, since it won't be compatible with multiplayer for obvious reasons. And multiplayer is going to be a huge focus. So I'm thinking of replacing it with temporary invisibility.

I saw you joined the discord server so we can talk more there.

Yeah figuring out the input mappings for the Vive was a little tricky since the Vive wands are different than pretty much every other controller, plus I couldn't test it myself. Also makes it difficult to explain the controls since it's different for every controller. I'll have to put some charts together at some point. Down should be the button to activate the guns, and right should be the 180 flip. If you have any ideas for better Vive controls I'm all ears, I was mostly just guessing. 

I don't have an issue with the sound stopping when opening the Steam VR menu so that might be on your end.

Also the shield and lightning is already in the game :P Unless you're just referring to the additional lightning abilities I have planned. But if you couldn't figure it out I try to explain it as best I can in the controls video.

AVALON community · Created a new topic Gameplay Overview

Just showing off and explaining the gameplay.

AVALON is a fast-paced VR action game featuring ranged weapons, melee weapons, and magick. This is a full-time project with a lot of plans but currently you can fight robotic enemies within the training simulation using energy blades, sidearms, and electrokinesis.

AVALON community · Created a new topic Welcome!

Here we are with version 1.0 of the AVALON pre-alpha. It's just a small level right now but we have big plans for the future of the project as we work towards version 2.0 which will add a larger more detailed map with an actual objective and win condition, along with friendly AI to help you out. After that it's onto 3.0 where we'll work out the Multiplayer.

For now though join the discord server if you wanna stay up to date with the project:

And leave a comment or post a new topic if you have any issues or feedback. See ya!