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This was so cool! Really impressive what you’ve done with the PICO-8 and jam limitations. Echoing what the others have said: the controls were tight, the gameplay was good, the graphics were lovely (loved the little monster designs, lots of character in so few pixels!) and the audio design was super good. The boss fight was a great finale for the thing

Thanks! Definitely agree on both counts - I’ve also struggled remembering whose turn it is during testing, I’ll probably find another visual highlight somewhere and add a sound effect between moves and turns.  

Adding an AI was definitely a goal - part of the reason for doing the game and doing it in typescript was to learn how to add some kind of search based AI in a really simple system (i.e not chess) , but I joined halfway and sadly just ran out of time. If I work on it in the future it’ll be in there 

Fun game! Definitely unique - felt like an auotbattler/puzzle platformer. Difficulty was well-managed, getting to 10 was tough! A few things I might change:

I liked the graphics but there could have been some more animations/fx/colour changes, maybe to highlight which power is active (1-bit really shines because of how easy it is to change)

 The music was good but didn’t really fit with the aesthetics - I would also have added some random pitch/tone variation when dropping the powerups 

Cool pack! I used the forest tiles for a jam entry (

Cool game! Echoes of Celeste/Fez & surprisingly tough in places. Minor nitpicks but I would have liked more gfx when switching between times (maybe sepiatone) and as Reit said the movement was a tad slippery. Super well polished (parallax, small sfx)

Hey! I used your font in my continuous chess game 'Avalog' (with credit and donation ofc) - it's great for menus etc. There's a demo out on Steam now if you're interested ( Thanks for making it available!

Hi! Your music is super cool - I've included it in my game and sent a donation over. It's called 'Avalog', and is a continuous chess game. Here's the links if you're interested:

Steam (Demo out):


Hey, love the asset pack! I'm making a chess game with it! I've thrown a few quid your way and when the game is out I'll be sure to add you in the credits. For the meantime, here's a GIF & a link to the steam page if you're interested: