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Oh sorry I misunderstood !

I'll follow you :)

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Hey, If you want a french translation, feel free to contact me ;) 

This game was sooooo cute :D

This was... Amazing ! I didn't really understand all of it (I can't tell what without spoil so... I dunno how to have my answers lmao), but, it was really wonderfull and I love how we have to play with the time, I never saw something like this in a Visual novel :o ♥

Thanks :D

Hi ! 

We are only two, can we still play? :)

Hi there... Sorry but it won't launch on my computer ! T_T

FOUR NEW CGs ??!!! OMG I'm so happy !! ToT

Oh I'm sorry I didn't saw it... 

Oh I see... That's kinda sad lmao ! But okay I understand now... Thank you :D

(Okay thanks ;) )

Hi there !

Sorry but... I'm stuck!! I mean, I can't avoir bad ending 5 and there's nothing on your guide about it... What did I do wrong? T_T 

Here are my choices please help me !

-Go to the gay bar

-Don't leave the office



-Refuse politely


-Don't ask him yet

-I'll ask him directly

-Tell him what I think

-Check computer with yellow band


Thank you T_T

Don't worry this game is in my top favourite now so it didn't bother me a lot :D

And yeah, this gameplay was amazing ! Feel proud about having this idea ;)

Ps : Looking forward to you new game !

I will love it for sure but I'll tell you how much ! <3 <3 <3

Okey I'll check it thanks :D

Nice to hear that his adventures are not over ! :D

Yipeee :D

This new chapter was amazing.. Seriously... My partner was so enlighted by the way you tell us the story that I can't help but fall in love even deeper for them... Really, you did a great job and I can't wait to see what's next... 

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Haha I'm glad it made you happy but all I said was just truth!! <3 

Thanks for telling me all the timeline, now I understand all of it And... I need to read all of this  ! And... You don't know how much I'm hyped right now to ear that we will have another VN ! Way longuer on top of this ! I can't wait to see it ! I can't wait to see them together and I hope everything will go well for them !! :p 

And... Seeing the story unfold is not exciting, it's WAY MORE THAN EXCITING ! Gah I want to travel in time to see how it goes ! But It's also nice to just wait to see :o 

Anyways, have a nice day too !! Mine is about to end (I'm french) but the story you told me today with your VN made it greater :D

Ps : I'm kinda glad to ear that you love Battam too... Because that mean I will be able to see new adventures of him and his love from time to time ! Too coooooool !

I want to write you something about this VN, but I don't have words right now... This was REALLY REALLY WONDERFUL ! I mean, urgh, I got too much feelings reading their story... It was really great, and although I love Sal, I must admit that I love Battam way more than I should. He is amazing and I kinda love this kind of character, I didn't know that thought haha. 

Anyways, you did a great job and, I don't have money now, but I'll support all you work when I'll be able. Moreover, I love to have physical things when it's possible and I saw that you printed your comic so... I can't wait to have money haha !

I have a question though. I don't really understand in which order I should read your stories about those two... I should first read your +18 comic? And the +13 you're drawing now is before the +18? And what about the next VN? Where does it fit in the timeline? Sorry I just noticed your work and there is a lot to process :D
Thanks for your amazing work !

I... I've played you game 7hours in a row ! I couldn't stop myself ! And I'm still full of emotions when I write this ! Oh my god ! Your game was amazing ! No, it's still amazing ! Your game IS amazing ! It touched my heart every single moment that I couldn't stand it ! I'm here, still gigling because it was so cute, heartwarming and pleasing ! 

I just did like I was Hanna and I fell in love with PBG, he was so cute the first time he went to talk to me with his shyness and his little way of putting an invisible hat on his head ! So cute ! How did you do that??? How did you manage to make such a overly cute game ?? 
ARGH I'm so hypped right now, I'm in love with all of this !

Ps :  I didn't know what was the normal boots but now I'm curious :o

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OMG this game was... AMAZING ! I don't have words to tell how much I liked it... I was a bit confused by the gameplay at first but I think this way of choosing emotions is really great and original ! And you can really choose how you are feeling ! I choosed male reaver Ash and I first wanted to go to Rafael (the kind of character I love to pursue) but as I couldn't I just went to Paris and, you know, chosing reaver Ash was the best "mistake" I ever made ! I LOVE Paris so much ! And in fact, I really think that his story with Ash is really smooth going, it seems logical, it's well written, all fall into place ! It suits my vision of my character so much that I couldn't help but LOVE it. I think I just would have wanted a bit of a deeper review of their years together when they were children but that's not a big deal, really. 

Anyways, good job, I love your game, I love Paris, and I enjoyed playing that reaver Ash !

I just played the demo and wow, that really looks amazing, I can't wait to see the whole game !

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I just finished Raz route ! And I must admit that... I LOVE YOUR GAME ! It's really nice and well written ! If I had to say something, I'll just say that I would like some more CG... I mean, I want to see Raz working ! Seeing him so serious could be very... well... pleasing ! Or a CG with the MC ! :o Or anything ...  Anyways, more CG please  ! :D Just one about Raz would make me happy anyways haha he's so perfect.

To just talk about his route, it was really enjoyable and surprising ! In a positive way! I was suprised to see how cute it ended ! Nice job  :D

You really did make a great game, I'm happy I could play it! So I'll watch the news !

Oh and I'm kinda curious about Doc, so if you make him a route I'll definitively play it...

I feel... Strange about this game. In one hand I'm annoyed because the game tell me what my parents are telling me all day, that I waste my time and more, so it doesn't really help me.. But, on the other hand, Sheldon loves me so... it warms my heart a bit.

Anyways I love the drawing I'm just a bit disapointed because this could have been a really cute game about self esteem (the drawing adding a really good thing to it) but... the game just told me to go f*ck myself so...