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I... I've played you game 7hours in a row ! I couldn't stop myself ! And I'm still full of emotions when I write this ! Oh my god ! Your game was amazing ! No, it's still amazing ! Your game IS amazing ! It touched my heart every single moment that I couldn't stand it ! I'm here, still gigling because it was so cute, heartwarming and pleasing ! 

I just did like I was Hanna and I fell in love with PBG, he was so cute the first time he went to talk to me with his shyness and his little way of putting an invisible hat on his head ! So cute ! How did you do that??? How did you manage to make such a overly cute game ?? 
ARGH I'm so hypped right now, I'm in love with all of this !

Ps :  I didn't know what was the normal boots but now I'm curious :o