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Hi there !

Sorry but... I'm stuck!! I mean, I can't avoir bad ending 5 and there's nothing on your guide about it... What did I do wrong? T_T 

Here are my choices please help me !

-Go to the gay bar

-Don't leave the office



-Refuse politely


-Don't ask him yet

-I'll ask him directly

-Tell him what I think

-Check computer with yellow band


Thank you T_T

In fact, IT IS in the guide: to avoid Bad End 5 you must sleep with Marc :(

Sorry, I know many people isn't happy with this option, and after My Burning Heart is released I'll make an update for CtS with an alternative route to avoid having to sleep with Marc. For now... play the scene in Skip Mode?

(Oh, and I think you should definitely take the other option in the first choice).

Oh I'm sorry I didn't saw it... 

Oh I see... That's kinda sad lmao ! But okay I understand now... Thank you :D

(Okay thanks ;) )