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the second link on the page is to the original english version of the game. (the one above zero's sprite)

A really cool addition to 96's main story. I liked it a lot. 5/5

Hola, puedes ponerte en contacto conmigo cuando quieras!

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 My name is Luka, I am a freelance translator from Barcelona, Spain. You can see the projects I worked on in my profile!

 I can translate your projects from English to Spanish or Catalan, and the other way around, this way your games will reach more people around the globe.

 Money is not an issue: I can do it for free or for a very little cost, so don't worry!

 If you are interested and want to contact me you can do it via:

  • email:
  • discord: atumsk#0069
  • twitter: @atumsk
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Yeah, it is

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Hello, I'm atumsk, a game designer, I'm actually working with Dukebot, a programmer, and SiXing, a sound designer, on a game called "Chess Pizza".

Chess Pizza is a 2D, pixel art, top-down, horror-adventure game, where you try to save your pizzeria by making gross pizzas for an unknown customer, but nothing's what it seems.

We're in need of an artist/pixel artist to create the character sprites, tiles and everything else.

You can contact me trough discord or via email:

  • Discord: atumsk#0069
  • Gmail:
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I can translate it to Spanish or Catalan, or both, on my profile you can see other games I translated

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You can leave your feedback. It will be much appreciated.

Really cool!

Very neat game, great atmosphere.

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Very cool little game! I really enjoyed it.

Very interesting little game. Some areas got a bit confusing for me, but very cool nonetheless.

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Really cool game, I liked it a lot!

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Very cool experience, I liked it a lot!

Very nice and relaxing game, I liked it a lot

That ending caught me off guard

I really liked the game, the atmosphere was great, but it felt a bit too empty for me

Amazing game, very fun, loved everything about it.

Very cool and interesting game

Really interesting game with a very nice artstyle. Loved it.

That was a really weird experience, but pretty cool

great, both the game and its soundtrack.

Really cool game!

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Unrelated to the game, but you wrote your Twitter wrong, in your profile, it says "ARBOERTA" instead of ARBORETA.

Great game

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Un juego genial!

Amazing short experience, I love LSDesque games!

Pine Creek community · Created a new topic Amazing game
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Really amazing gaming experience with a great atmosphere and graphics! I greatly enjoyed it.

Amazing game. Great aesthetic

Great atmosphere, and nice pixel art

Excellent game, very creepy

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Hello everyone,

I'm a guy from Catalonia, Spain, looking for a project to collaborate with. I studied Game Development and Design, I have a very good English level (B2 Advanced) and I can translate your game(s) to Spanish or Catalan, or both.

I already translated some other games, from people on this site, and they were quite satisfied with the results:

  • Milk Inside a Bag of Milk Inside a Bag of Milk
  • Exile
  • Blue Sunday

 If you're interested in a translation, you can contact me by e-mail at, on Discord (atumsk#0069) or on Twitter (@atumsk).

Kind regards,

Encantat d'haver participat en la traducció d'aquest projecte.

The last chapter and the best one, I got really scared

Very, very, interesting game, loved it.