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Jumping on the hype train, the scares got me and I'm hoping for bigger and better for whatever else you've got coming 

Sure, I'm interested, add me on discord or send me yours?

I can help contribute to the music? SiXing#1212 

I've got a bunch of styles on my youtube channel:, you can reply here or ping me on discord @ SiXing#1212


I'm interested in working on any projects which I find interesting and have a high chance of eventually being in a state capable of some sort of release. You can contact me at SiXing#1212.  Some examples of my work: 

Bump with something written over the past couple of days

Sure, SiXing#1212

Title, I'm interested in collaborating with anyone that has an interesting project that they intend to see to completion. Examples of my music:

Chiptune -


Chill stuff - 

Bigger stuff -

This is the kinda game you want to delete afterwards because even the files feel like they're cursed. Really fun, I hated every second and look forward to new projects 

Gameplay if you're interested:

Potential is probably overused on but I feel like here's a ton here, I like the polish, the janky voice acting... the setting. It's good at what it sets out to do but I'd love to see it really set itself apart in some way

Gameplay if you're interested: 

I like these sorta innocent locations with hidden depths so the buildup was fun but didn't rate the payoff. I also ran into a bunch of bugs, I played through again after and going back into the house is definitely the scariest

Gameplay if you're interested: 

This is really beautiful stuff, I'll definitely save up for commissions

I was so ready for this to be a joke game with that smooth jazz intro, shook when I found where the music was coming from... Maybe I'm getting soft but this really spooked me, so fun!!! The separate endings were fun to get too :) 

Gameplay if you're interested @7:38:

The concept has great creepypasta potential and it's impressive given dev time and manpower but it still feels like lost potential 

Gameplay if you're interested: 

Looking to collaborate on interesting projects.  These are three examples of my work, I'm leaning more towards chiptunes recently but am flexible with what I can do.

I've never seen a man so keen for a drink of water. How casually you go back to filling up after seeing some shit got me, the game's fun for sure.

Gameplay if you're interested: 

Gameplay if you're interested:

I liked the humour of it but it never feels like there's a threat and I was excited when I saw you could hide too. There are times when the voices are a little over the top in a funny way but I'm not sure that was the intention. The nod to FEAR was cool too but overall I think this kinda falls flat and that last jumpscare... 

Really cute

I was so sad when this Demo ended, it's got tension out the ass, cool mechanics (prone) and it's so imaginative. I also found finding/inserting the coins weirdly satisfying. I love everything that's happening here.

Gameplay if interested: 

I like the theme, personally it seems fresh amongst all of these ghost games and there's a lot of room for growth in the mechanics. It's kind of funny how grandpa is powered purely by 5-hour energies, monster and his faith but I can't judge. 

Gameplay if you're interested: 

After 2 days of looking both ways coming out of classrooms like I'm bout to cross a road, I'm lowkey excited to finally beat normal.  I never get tired of her penetrating me (with her knife) so it's hard next (this time too, amirite).

Here's some gameplay/tips for scrubs like me: 

Ah thanks so much man, I instinctively turn lights off when I go into rooms so I never saw them, I'm a dumbass hahaha

I was wondering does anyone know if I'm doing something wrong, I can't see any components of the code on the whiteboards in the locked classrooms?

I loved The Grudge sound effects the monster had going and the rusty aesthetic but my favourite part was definitely the subtler elements like the changing of the poster. So cool. 

Gameplay if you're interested: 

Here's the link for the discord:

This discord is not for self-promotion, you can share what you do but we're not there to give each other views or subs. We're mostly here to discuss horror games and let's play related stuff!

Thanks man, I'll check out your other stuff for sure!

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So stylish, so scary. I'm amazed at what you've done with such a compact experience; Ito would be proud! I loved the reference to Perfect Blue too. Can't wait for your next drop 

Gameplay if anyone is interested: 

I forgot to mention I loved how silent it was as well, only hearing sound effects with no ambiance really drove up the tension!

I'm so late to the party but wtf I love this. How long have I dreamed about walking through glass for the chance to be stabbed by a cute yandere anime girl aka her royal thighness. The AI is so cool and seeing her leering through the window... it's too much. It's hard to escape so guess I'll stay forever.

Gameplay if you're interested: 

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Really cute game, definitely made me want a good fps Harry Potter game! It seemed really hard to escape when he saw you though, so going through it felt trial and error rather than being able to keep a balance and keep up the suspense. Cool!! An elite idea would be to have Mrs Norris be like an environmental hazard alerting Filch

This remake looks incredible, you've come such a long way. The jump scare was earned but still a little cheap with the over the top sounds, that said I'm always impressed when 2d games manage to be scary. The music puzzle was really fun and the sight mechanic has so much potential to overcome the fact that your screen is so restricted in a side-scroller. Looking forward to future iterations/expansions on the game!

Gameplay if you're interested: 

This was a really great game, the puzzles felt pitched perfectly with a nice density to kick things off. I like the novelty of the gun handling and the inventory system - it's so nice to see in a smaller game. Overall, it was just fun to play which is an underrated metric. I'm pretty excited for the full release but I imagine it's a way off. Impeccable RE7 vibes. I hope the full release is more difficult though!

Gameplay if you're interested:

I thought it was really effective to start with and I loved how clearly you could hear him patrolling but because of the difficulty you get kind of desensitized to the scares and it becomes a little more of a frustrating experience especially with doors being hard to close. I loved the main menu, he was SO creepy in the background! 

Gameplay if interested: 

Pretty compelling for its length. Honestly, it felt like it was really building toward something and I was excited to see what, I suppose there shouldn't be consequences as you can't actually escape but I'd have loved to see a real threat materialize.

Gameplay if interested: 

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I love this so much hahahaha, really nice feel to the game. I can imagine a ton of kids playing this in IT class 10/10 would go all out again 

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Gameplay if you're interested: 

I love the idea and I'm excited to see where it goes but the dinosaurs are a little funny. It's a good environment and a good homage to the classics plus the title is a cool reference too but the stealth is a little janky, I think a part of what makes animals scary is their keen senses like you feel as if you could put a foot wrong and pay for it whereas anything short of a marching band doesn't seem like it'll bother these guys!

I'm definitely gonna buy this when it comes out, it's so ambitious and refreshing to see a concept like this! You really feel the scale from your poor tiny boat and how it rocks and the gameplay is simple but effective. Hoping I can get a new gfx card in time for the real release!

Gameplay if you're interested: 

It's a really beautiful game and the first half sets up for a really nice contrast to what happens after you take the dive. Really enjoy the soft colour pallette and peaceful sounds, eerily comforting plus the city looks great in general! I don't know if it was my imagination but she sort of seemed to follow you with her eyes/head too just before the dive.

Gameplay if you're interested but it's probably better played: 

This was a beautiful trippy experience. The live video really added a layer of authenticity I wasn't expecting and the music - all bangers. It's a genre which works well with the retro graphics because there's a lot of room for interpretation in what you see because of the fidelity, really enjoyed it. 

Gameplay if you're interested: 

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Gameplay if you're interested:

This was incredible! I loved how the audio was used, really directional so you felt like things were creeping about near you and as a way to guide the player to the final location. Really creative. I played it through again to see all the other locations and it was still scary, even when I knew exactly what was going to happen. I loved the clear influence and the Lovecraftian twist at the end, very The Void