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Translated In Spanish

Esa es la razón por la que dije

     "Es posible que debas hacer trampa para conocer todos los logros ...

     Este es un juego sin fin ... "

Aunque los logros terminan en un punto ...

That's The Reason I Said

    "You may must cheat to know about all Achievements...

    This is a endless game..."

Although Achievements End At One Point...

LOVE 0.9 Has Different Rule For Color... LOL

Really Sorry! But I Messed Up A Thing!

I Guess It's A No...

Just Reply No If Not Interested...

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BTW Thanks And I See You Don't Have Any Content Yet!

Don't Mind Below Para It's A Suggestion!

I Wonder If You Know How To Use LOVE That Means You Use LOVE Engine For Making Games... Am I Right? Yeah I Do Use It In My Plenty Of Projects, You Can See In Attachment Studios Itch Page. And If You Are On Discord We Can Chat Their!(I Am Not Alone, I Have 1 Human Member And 1-4 Bots, And All Of Them Are Nice, Friendly, Human Is Also A Coder, And All Are Junior Or Moderate Gamedev)! Or Atleast Have A Way To Contact! Maybe We Can Make Some New Games Together?

And Yes! Please Make Some Games... Participate In JAMS For Ideas...

I Was Wishing For The .love So I Can Make Some Window Changes Maybe Because My Window Resolution Is Not Enough And I Hate Fullscreen If Black Color So I Need To Change It To Normal Window Mode...

Before Making .exe You Need To Convert To .zip Then Rename It To .love And Finally Do Something Like Open Powershell Or Command Shell And Then Merge .love And .exe To Make Your Games Executable With Extension .exe

Wait It Actually Gave Me The In-Dev Content 😲😲😲

Actually You Can Also Send The Love File For The LOVE Devlopers?

Hmmm... I Couldn't Got You, Can You Simplify?

Or Did You Just Mean : Rename .exe To .zip?

Hey! Would You Consider Helping Me In Some GameDev For Graphics?

There's Some Error, I Can't Open It, Please Help, Can You Also Send A .love File For It?

Thanks For Review! If You Like It Be Sure To Rate It.

Sorry For One Bug, The Copy Button Doesn't Works For HTML, The Tool Used For HTML Distribution Doesn't Has Some Features Implemented Like Copy, So Next Time You Can Also Copy The Color Code...

Yes It Is, I Guess I Have Also Mentioned It... Haven't I? However I Have Put The Project On Hold For My Exams!!! It'll Get Over Soon... I will then make some progress in it... However...

Merry Christmas,

And Thank You!!!

Version Logs(Windows & PC LOVE)

20201110 - Uncontrollable

  • APK 1.0
    • Added Sound Effects
    • Added Settings Button
    • Moved Audio Button To Settings
    • Fixed Blank Screen


Theme For Next Update Is "Winters"! Give Us Ideas And Answer Our Question For Next Update Features!!!

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Version Logs(Windows & PC LOVE)

20201110 - Uncontrollable

  • EXE 1.0
    • Added Sound Effects
    • Added Settings Button
    • Moved Audio Button To Settings

Version Logs(Android & Touchscreen LOVE)

  • APK 1.0
    • Added Menu
    • Implemented Gameplay
    • Implemented Background Music
  • APK 1.1
    • Configured Proper Naming Option
  • APK 1.2
    • Configured Settings For Android App Details
  • APK 1.3
    • Reconfigured Settings For Android App Details

Version Logs(Windows & PC LOVE)

31102020 - Uncontrollable

  • EXE 1.0
    • First Release
    • Added Menu
    • Implemented Background Music
    • Implemented Gameplay
The Box community · Created a new topic Bugs And Fixes

Bug Reports, Fixes And Individual Version Logs

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Feedback By Players

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The Future Updates And Related Information About The Box!

Check Out  The Jam Website Creators! You Have A Surprise Heading In It, That Say Customization Option For Player But Default Should Be According To Theme And Control Chosen By You!

Yeah, It'll Be...

I Guess You Are Right But, mmmm... I Would Say It's Still In Development, And Actually I Guess Block Coding Might Be A Language For Coding? Never Mind, I Made A Huge Mistake And Almost Destroyed Half Of My Engine...? I Will Try For A Video In YouTube Later.

It's Still In Development! I Will Add Timers, Increasing Difficulty And Even Some Customisations, It's Just A Prototype For Now...

After getting inspiration from you I thought why not make my own engine? So I opened notepad and started coding. Just after 15 seconds I gave up...

Later after some 5-10 days, I recalled that once I used scratch before my normal engine. I was expert in it so thought why not, and then actually did it.

Now I have started my project and it is available as browser project.

It's still in development but works good.

Check it at Step-Coder Website(Step-Coder is name of Engine)

Great tool! I had also made a similar tool few days earlier, but it's totally different other than relation to color box, RGB functionality and some other basic stuff...

It's available for windows and web...

You Can Try It!

Extended For 2 Days!!!!

(1 edit)

Well This Was My First Try And Now I Am Actually Seeing More Problems In Gameplay, Like, Sound Of "0"(Zero) Not Existing And There Is No Highscore. This Is Still In Development But It's On A Pause For Now. I'll Try My Best To Make To Good As Well As Difficult... BTW, It's Endless Only, If Not Then I Need To Check For Bugs... Thanks For Your Feedback And Post!

That Might Be A Minor Bug But Still I Had Fixed Major Bug Regarding That, I Will Check...

Submission Period Ended! You All Can Vote Now!!!

Please Check For The Errors In The Download File, There Is Some Kind Of Error, Try Exporting As Zip, With Download Instructions

Can We?

Wait! I Forgot To Add Music On HTML???????

Check Out My Random Cards Generation... I Think I Will Be Adding Somekind Gameplay To It Very Soon!

Oh Thank You!

By The Way If You Feel Controls Are Awkward Then I Have A Reason, Check Out Attachment 45 Game JAM 1, The Theme Is Just Like That...

Now I Have Added Directions, And Fixed Many Bugs!