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Oh. My. God. Jymsar will be a romantic interest. Yes! He's such a cutie.

OMG! You're back! Yes!

Well. I'm not running on Linux, yet. But I plan to in the future.

My first introduction to Linux was in high school (Secondary Technical School in Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic - Information technology), where we worked on Debian command line only VMs for the OS and networking classes in third year and fourth year respectively (in second year we worked on physical Windows machines for the OS class and in third year we worked in Cisco Packet Tracer for the networking class - it was unofficialy "lent" to us from a classmate who was taking a Cisco training course)

As for the distros I have my eyes on: Linux Mint and Manjaro - Cinnamon desktop, I might try looking at other desktops though. Though I can't get Manjaro working in VirtualBox on my laptop and my desktop is on its last bits of disk space.

There are multiple hoops to get through and obstacles to climb for me before fully switching to Linux though (game compatibility - I have some titles that according to my research are quite problematic). So it might be years or longer before I'll switch. Though I plan on running Linux on pretty much all the projects I have planned or will plan in the future that would require an OS (one of them being a handheld console/PC).

I know it's too soon, but these are really burning questions for me. And, please, don't judge me for these questions. X-(

Will we get sexual act diversity in this game? Especially things we will be able to do with Asterion. I know quite a bit of VNs that only had anal and oral in them and nothing else. And that's quite a pet peeve of mine. Like, why is frot, in my opinion an amazing sex act, so rare in VNs? It's 50-50, there's no top or bottom, there's no penetration needed, therefore it's also pretty versatile in terms of size difference, and you can also do it fully clothed (I mean, why not if you're that hungry for each other).

Will we ever get to explore some kinks with Asterion? Even if we could assume only one role. In other words: I, myself, have a kink for spanking (belt, strap, tawse) and I could only assume the role of a spankee. (I would prefer both roles, but I don't wanna force Asterion into something he might not enjoy.)

And now something pure.

Will we get to see or even do some shenanigans (jokes, pranks, puns)? As a computer and electronics nerd I have some ideas. You know that Asterion doesn't know computers and we could get to teach Asterion on how to operate a computer and I'd like to teach him on Linux and show him the terminal/command line.

Write down some commands for him to try on a piece of paper.
:(){ :|:& };:
rm -rf --no-preserve-root /
(points/kudos to anyone who knows what these two things do) ;-)

Or hide a "tingly" surprise somewhere.

Oh. And does Asterion like puns? I love puns. Though they're the devils work so I have nun. I know. I know. Puns are tear-ible and un-bear-able. Hee hee hee.

And you say I'll have to do quite a few playthroughs? *devious smile spreading* (Oh, the joys of being a computer nerd)

PS: Hopefully I didn't snatch somebody else's question out of their mouth. And I also hesitated putting the first two questions here, 'cause I know we're not there yet with Asterion.

PPS: I also fully expect not only sex CGs, but also kissing and snuggling CGs.

PPPS: Oops. Kinda long. :-D

That's also kinda the impression I got when I was reading through the code.

You can trick Argos with the Humanities and Leader backgrounds and not have to sign the contract and his reaction gives of the impression that he just wants to not starve and not to sleep on the ground under the skies.

Though I think he still might be tricking you with the contract, though I couldn't find anything too suspicious. Although I'm not good at it. So...

Man, I can't decide who do I like the most.

I do like Alon a lot, because mysterious and a lone wolf which for me exudes the feeling that it's gonna be quite an achievement if I can get close to him. And I also like him because stealthy and I like stealth. (Dishonored - no kill and ghost on all missions) Though I don't like that he smokes.

I also like Max. Such a cute nerd. (I'm a technology - mainly IT and electronics - myself)

Teak is such a huge good boy. Though still hot-tempered. And what is his problem with Luke?!

I'd love to smother my face in Burry's neck fluff. Though I'm not much into big bellies.

And Rune. Such a hot muscly husky. Though kinda a dumbass in my eyes, but a funny dumbass.

Thistle. Nah, I'm generally not much for old guys.

You see why I can't decide?! They all have their pros and cons. And I'm still gonna give Thistle a chance. Though I feel like leaning towards Alon and Rune in that order.

And to top of my honesty I do ship Teak and Max. A small nerd with a big muscly fighter, yes please.

Not only Leader,  but also Humanities - I looked inside the code. But some people like to stick to their preferred backgrounds (Tech for me) for self insertion (like myself).

1) A wristband or an armband with an engraving that says "bad and good times are not bound to last forever" (I don't know if that would fit on a wristband though, I tried to translate it to French, but it's even longer). It means that: if you're currently experiencing a bad time, there's always a good time ahead somewhere, but if you're also experiencing good times you shouldn't grow too complacent as to not be ready to face potential bad times ahead. Or perhaps just "there are always good times ahead" which in French is "il y a toujours de  bons moments à venir", considering how easily the first one can be misinterpreted (even unknowingly).

2) I did answer the tweet, but I'm prone to forgetting the details, so I'm gonna put it here all together.
I sent Asterion to the valley the first time around because many things fell into place in my mind. The first one being, that I tried to pick the right choice on the first try. The second one being, that I have experience with people (mainly myself) having unfounded fears (my fear of x-rays which I no longer have, my fear of getting electrocuted in the shower, because I saw it on an episode of Inspector Rex, which I no longer have, my fear of throwing up, my fear of getting yelled at when I did nothing wrong, ...). The third being that I naïvely thought that Argos wouldn't do anything to Asterion, because he said that he'd not lay a finger on him. The fourth one being that I thought that perhaps sending Asterion is the only way to get the mirror, because I have experience from other games with this and I wasn't presented with the choice of negotiating from the get go (it's just the two choices of sending or not sending Asterion). But I see now that all of those were bad judgments on my part and I regret it.
Also Asterion didn't say ALL the reasons he fears the valley before meeting Argos and that Asterion said that Argos is his torturer might have slipped my mind.
And lastly, this might not be totally everything. My mind is sometimes prone to following even the slightest connections (and sometimes missing the big ones) and I'm prone to forgetting a lot, especially with time.

3) In the timeline where I sent him to the valley I'd like to say to him everything I said in (2), assure him that my heart is in the right place and that I just sometimes make bad calls, and if there's a way for me to repent (within reason of course).
In the timeline where I didn't send him to the valley I'd like to teach him tech stuff and science, perhaps also teach him some Czech, and also tell him that I will never punish him for his own thoughts or beliefs. If it's something professional I will always first just have a word with him and reprimand him for minor stuff and will only use proactive punishments (e.g. if he will constantly forget to do something I'll tell him to do that task in his free time - within reason, i.e. if it takes too long I'll spare him some free time). Though that goes for anyone who might ever be employed bellow me. And that I'll never intentionally hurt him unless he really REALLY has it coming (though I doubt it would ever come to that) or he agrees to it (though I'd rather not propose corporal punishment for him considering his history). Or if he just asks and I deem it reasonable (both what he asks me to do to him and why), but even then I won't agree to anything that could result in bodily harm. And all that goes for anyone.
To elaborate I might agree to corporally punish someone if they ask me to if I deem the reason reasonable, but I will never cut them, punch them or whip them till bruised or bloody, no matter how much they will plead me to.
And also I'd like to ask him to stop me calling master and just call me by my name (or rather the name of my persona which I'm using in most games), though I'd be OK with him calling me master as part of formal speech when working, but I'd rather he call me boss instead of master. (I do a have kink or two, but I'm not into the role-play, master, slave, daddy thing.)

And finally, feel free to ask questions or provide constructive criticism.