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Man, I can't decide who do I like the most.

I do like Alon a lot, because mysterious and a lone wolf which for me exudes the feeling that it's gonna be quite an achievement if I can get close to him. And I also like him because stealthy and I like stealth. (Dishonored - no kill and ghost on all missions) Though I don't like that he smokes.

I also like Max. Such a cute nerd. (I'm a technology - mainly IT and electronics - myself)

Teak is such a huge good boy. Though still hot-tempered. And what is his problem with Luke?!

I'd love to smother my face in Burry's neck fluff. Though I'm not much into big bellies.

And Rune. Such a hot muscly husky. Though kinda a dumbass in my eyes, but a funny dumbass.

Thistle. Nah, I'm generally not much for old guys.

You see why I can't decide?! They all have their pros and cons. And I'm still gonna give Thistle a chance. Though I feel like leaning towards Alon and Rune in that order.

And to top of my honesty I do ship Teak and Max. A small nerd with a big muscly fighter, yes please.