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Atomic Toilet

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Thanks for saying so, fricochet! It's taking a while, but forward progress on the full version is definitely happening :D 

Cheers for saying so! ^_^ 

Hola! I used/modified parts of this tileset (and some of your micro fantasy characters, which I adapted into a ninja) in a recent game jam entry! aaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee

Hola puzzud! Those are some nice ideas -  I did plan to implement enemies who 'buy' houses but ran out of time to test them in the game - as it is, I do agree the Monoploy side is underdeveloped (ooooh house-based pun!).

Hola, Vimlark! Cheers for the comments - I thought the bat slowdown was due to an unused lighting effect taking up system memory but I removed that so I'm still not sure what's causing it...!  I'll take a look at everything again after the jam and see if I can fix it!

Cheers for the comments, adity! I appreciate you taking the time to give it a go and for posting the crash error - after the jam, I'll have a proper look at the game again and see how I can tweak it. I wonder if maybe making the bat just a *little* faster would help...? 

Cheers for the comment, IndiCode! I'm looking at tweaking the game a little after the jam :)

Cheers, Dan!

Cheers for giving it a go, Mr. McLean! If I have time, I'll try and tidy it up a bit, or at least add an option to instantly restart haha :D

Cheers a bunch, TigerJ!

Game file updated! The previous version had levels in the wrong order, whoooopppppsss.

Cheers for the reply, Feldo! That makes perfect sense haha

I'm going to take into account the constructive criticism you offered for my 1 button game with this game, and do exactly that with the button use ie let people use not just two specific buttons, plus any onscreen tutorials/game over stuff will be a bit more obvious :)

Hola! Would it be acceptable if the player's moved by following the mouse cursor, but then only one other key/button press is used (eg. left mouse)? Or should it just be two buttons/keys? Looking forward to churning out something for this, in any case!


Gracias for the comments, Feldo! And thanks a lot for the suggestions! I'll fix/change that stuff once I get the chance :D  

Hola! Cheers for the comments, Kai! I'm tweaking it a little at the moment :)

Hola! Thanks for the heads up, fricochet! 

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Ah nuts. Thanks for the heads up, folks! 

I see someone posted about bug fixes, so I've quickly sorted mine out - if you download v2 the game actually works as it should! 


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Hey! I did figure *something* out, so for me it affects just the Player - 

In the Player Create Event,  I put:
pos_uni = shader_get_uniform(sh_hue, "Position"); // control shader

// -1 - min, 1 - max
pos = 0; 

and then (still in the Player object) I have an enemy Collision Event, so when Player takes damage I have:

// Take damage
    pos = 2; //references Hue Shader

^ this alters the colour of the Player, but the whole colour (ie. white bits also change hue). I haven't had a play around to see if I can get it to only change certain parts of the sprite, but maybe this'll help!

Hi! Did you figure it out? I'm wondering the same thing too!