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Are we allowed to use 'mouse move' as a "button"?

A topic by Atomic Toilet created Dec 10, 2018 Views: 68 Replies: 2
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Hola! Would it be acceptable if the player's moved by following the mouse cursor, but then only one other key/button press is used (eg. left mouse)? Or should it just be two buttons/keys? Looking forward to churning out something for this, in any case!



Hi! Welcome to the jam!

The mouse movement is not accepted, it's more or less 4 buttons in itself (up, right, down, left).

I'm sure you'll find something with actual buttons :D

Btw, it's allowed (and even advisable) to offer alternatives for a function.
For example, if you have X to jump and C to shoot,
you can also have Mouse button 1 to jump and Mouse button 2 to shoot. That still counts as 2 buttons.

You can also keep ESC to quit the game, but it would be nice to be able to navigate the menus and quit the game with the 2 buttons too.

Have fun! =)


Cheers for the reply, Feldo! That makes perfect sense haha

I'm going to take into account the constructive criticism you offered for my 1 button game with this game, and do exactly that with the button use ie let people use not just two specific buttons, plus any onscreen tutorials/game over stuff will be a bit more obvious :)