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Nice game! Impressive quality for a first-timer, way better than mine lol

Nice game! Unfortunately I had so much money that it becomes negative random shit probably from the limits of integers and I can't buy anything anymore xD

Oh! Do you remember where that bug happened? I'm glad you enjoyed :)

Also, thanks for make me know about the gdwc, it sounds a good opportunity! For sure I'll give it a try.

Thanks for the tip, I'm glad you liked! I really thought about make the false platforms just a little bit different... But I was unsure in how to, so I just left it as it was. But I'll definitely do those changes if I get new plans for this game :)

Thanks y'all for the feedback! I just uploaded a version with some bug fixing based on it :)

Thanks for the feedback! It REALLY is buggy and unpolished LOL.
Actually you can't win the game, if you deliver the drugs successfully he betrays you and start shooting at you, but seems that the logic failed somehow with you sadly (macgyver betrayed me). The "win the game" is like you kill everyone and walk around forever without nothing to do.
It was my first time trying a top-down-like game, and I didn't had so much this week time so a lot of things I did in a hurry. Fortunately I have had many learning that will help me to have a more polished game in the next!