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you could use laptop's camera to emulate reflections on screen

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nevermind ....  i have to afterburn first, THEN jump ....  like diverting the inertia

hi.... i am stuck early in the game

... after getting the afterburner, in a platform jump with 3 shard in parabol, before the room with spikes...   the jump is too high

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as suggested in this closed topic ->

I also would like to know how to  select multiple (or exclude) genres in games filter... i think there are too many visual novels.. is easy if you want to select visual novels, but for the other genres you have to select and browse lists by one and is very tedious

An additional benefit could be in comparing games.. lets suppose you filter games by "action" and "platformer" genres, then you could sort and compare games together by dowloads, votes or whatever

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would be wise if you better get quiet.... the more you reply, the more you look like a simp.... and you already got your answer: "jre won't be bundled in the game"

(spoonfeed: )

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i think you are totally wrong and misunderstood ... including jre inside the game wouldn't free the game from those supposed problems., except from increase the file size by 150mb.... if you feel jre is "insecure" just install openjdk as i did, and read some fresh documentation instead 10 years old... and then relax and enjoy this nice game without silly worries

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hi....  very beatiful and fun game

...  is there any way to customize the fov??...  i feel it very zoomed and get sick

maybe some tweak to the engine? (what engine?)

Vapor Trails community · Created a new topic LORE
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** spoiler alert ?? **  ...  (i will try to do not so much though, speaking in a coded way)

all this below are just things i thought... in fact everything i say always is what i thougth,... you don't have to get it too serious if you don't want to

... i remember when i play an earlier version of the game and defeat XX and val's story turns unexpected..... it blows my mlnd

it remembered me when i watched "total recall" movie (the original with schwarzenegger), at some point he discovered his life was not as he thought...  same with "the 6th day" (also scharzenegger),  "the matrix" (keanu reeves), "memento" (guy pearce) and other movies  .... i think  there are many things that make what you are, like your body(es), personality, memories, feelings, stuff, circumstances, etc....  changing what you think you are is (at least for me) a **very** powerful element in role playing, especially in a dystopic rpg game,

in some games, alternative/parallel/past stories can be played, for example in  starcraft2 terran campaign, zeratul gives raynor his memories stored in a crystal that HE (raynor, the player) can replay in  "playable campaign" form.... same way the player could play val's alternative/parallel/past time lines

this way you could introduce a story that seems coherent to new players, that changes progressively through the game to go mind-blowing.... as the story progress it gets more disordered that the player has to sort himself , hooking him (like "memento" movie) .... this can be done more than once

something that could help is being dramatic in key moments in history inflection points ... use timings, effects, maybe being a little more exagerated or "hollywoddy" or theatrical, narrative, with expressions and emotions (maybe even a little overacted)... play with slow motions and closeups and lights, like some animes do.... to catch the player focus and make him say "whoa what a story!... i can't wait to know what's next".....

like i remember the first time i saw "the matrix", at some point (after neo takes the pill and wakes up the "reality") i didn't know WHAT movie i was watching and yelled WHAT THE FUUUUU .... i didn't understand NOTHING...  i felt like the movie tape was cutted off and joined with another movie, that triggered me the hungry to know what's next, until the end ....  i got shocked about a week, imagining wires from heads of  people on the street

what do you think about all of these?

forgive my bad english and fast witing, i am a spanish speaker (i am chilean)


i already finished the game with surf and soul, speedomenter (beating bike), i didn't bought the drink, i talk with unreachable slime in a roof right above starting sludge deeps, etc etc

i want to kill (or meet) andromeda xD ... or reach paradise ... or search for val real memories... or go hunt richter .... or connect subway routes ... help people, especially people from deeps....  fight tiranny ... take jobs...  etc etc

PLEASE, on next update, try not to mess the savegame to be able to continue the game... plzzz  ...  thanks for your wonderful game..  anything i could help contact me (spanish translation?)

yes, but it doesn't change the game progress

seems im a little dispersed... check my more detailed comment at 0.15.13a devlog

what about the music?

in 0.12.2a i (started a new game and) completed sludge deeps and reach the girl that ask for cigarettes, i couldn't find the damn cigarettes anywhere so i got stuck

.... later i noticed the 0.12.3a update (CURRENTLY INSTALLED), i didn't even know the cigarettes issue was a bug so i got and run it happy hoping being able to continue my game

.... but anyway got stuck because i still haven't the blessed cigarettes in my inventory and still they aren't where it supposed to be

... i wonder... how the patch manages the cigarettes missing?.... it checks for cigarettes in player inventory?, put the cigs on the map if player dont have it?, check if player completed the cigs quest?.... or simply generate the correct map at the  beginning of a game?.... my savegame didnt had the cigs on the map either so if the update loads it untouched i think the cigs still wont be there

you can make some tests yourself between versions to get more detailed info (than us)

..... i think in any case you should clarify the situation (in the version history for example), if we should start a new game to render map correctly from the start, or not, or whatever we should do in order to continue the flow of the game

.... sorry if i got complicated, i am just trying to help with another points of view

anyway, i started a new game -again-

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you know, i updated the game before and it corrupted my savegames... played anyway from scratch, completed sludge deeps and got stuck because of the cigarettes bug, updated the game *again* to fix the bug but cigarettes won't spawn :( ... must i start a new game (aga...  ehm) ???

(i better wouldn't updated)

don't get bother, this game got my attention and i wish to play it smooth finally... love its retro sci-fi 2d platformer rpg brawler style

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hi..... i advanced all sludge deeps but unfortunately also got stuck because the (lack of) cigarettes .... i see you released an updated version (thanks) so i downloaded the game (again)

....... but, will it break my savegames again???

or at least, when you release a new version, make savegames backward compatible some way... please  ... doesn't matter if binary or text (or maybe encoded, or zipped text?.... but that could lend to cheats and exploits also, idk)

now that i have a little better undestanding, i think maybe the new version game actually did try to update savegames but failed, resulted in a corrupted one, losing my progress :(

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update = it seems update corrupted my savegames and i lost all my progress :.....((((

when i move my savegames (*) the game starts from scratch, when i restore previous savegames "games" crash again (* guessed, cause i didn't know where they go and can't find info anywhere)

is there any way to repair or update savegames format? ... would be nice ..  thanks

... by the way, i like your game pretty much, for me is like "flashback evolution"

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i updated the game (delete folder + decompress new game) , and now the game starts me a forever pink screen that does nohing, when i click it a useless window pops up saying "vapor trails.exe does not respond (find  online solution, close, wait, details)"

i restored my old version game and screwed up same way :(  ... i wanna play, and i dont want to lose my progress ... i like this game :(

from 0.15.1 to 0.15.2 , win64 version

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it remembers me flashback, another world, blade runner, ghost in the shell, super smash bros,  fallout, syndicate, etc