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i think you are totally wrong and misunderstood ... including jre inside the game wouldn't free the game from those supposed problems., except from increase the file size by 150mb.... if you feel jre is "insecure" just install openjdk as i did, and read some fresh documentation instead 10 years old... and then relax and enjoy this nice game without silly worries


OpenJDK is not trivial or 'easy' to access, install, or use outside of GNU/Linux-based operating systems.  Unless you want to link to downloads or write an entire guide on the topic, this doesn't solve the issue at hand.

Also telling users to 'just Google it' doesn't help.

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would be wise if you better get quiet.... the more you reply, the more you look like a simp.... and you already got your answer: "jre won't be bundled in the game"

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