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Atelier Becoming

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A-maz-ing, from ui to design to gameplay, this is a must buy for me, i'd pay $30 for a full version any time (to kill time during the next lockdown). Good job, it truly is an amazing game you guys made.

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We are pleased to announce we released our indie game "Becoming". It's a small (2 hours when played using the auto feature) slice-of-life romantic comedy sound novel.
It is made using Unity and Naninovel and has over 320 3D rendered backgrounds made using Daz3D and Gimp.

The free version of the game does not have interactivity, but lets you enjoy the story the way we created it.
If you like this genre and play the game, we hope you will let us know how to improve it.

Thank you for reading.

Edit: Since reviews are more helpful than anything, the full game (Deluxe version) will be available for free for 48 hours.

Had a lousy day, car broke down, could't find any game i'd like to play, and then:

"An unlubed Bad Dragon dildo"
"A dragon quest slime, but for legal reasons, it isn't"
"404 monster"
You had me (in stiches) at these rad spawns.
This made my day so thank you x10000.