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Atari Boy

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Thank you so much! Yes? why not ^^

Thank you so much! 
I have stop to make it at the moment because in my free time I'm working with my friends in our small indie game studio 
You can follow our here

Thank you so much! 

thank you!!

Olá Rodrigo! só pra saber, fiz uma pequena alteração aqui na minha conta e acho que agora você consegue fazer a compra! tente novamente 

thank you!

Olá Rodrigo! Eu sou Brasileiro, se quiser tente me enviar uma mensagem pelo Discord e eu envio o asset para você. 
Vou tentar ver por aqui se resolve de alguma forma 

Hahah you are right!

Thank you for the reminder! I've also updated it to include the CC0 license. 😊

Right now what i'm trying to do is build a community around my assets, start to earn some $$ with that and in the future make games around it

If you have any suggestion about how to build community and earn $ with that I'm all open haha

Yeah! Why not? haha 

Thank you too! 

that means A LOT coming from you! You are one of my biggest inspirations in this platform 

Thank you 

I dont know why I didn't add it X_X 

Thank you!! I loved your profile picture haha 

Really great game! I didn't expect the end at all haha 

I was sad because I let red die in the middle of the adventure, but in the end I thought "yeap, my luck I let him die"

The art is amazing too, Great game!

Absolute amazing game!


I'm having the same problem, but it's a amazing game for a game jam, congrats! 


1 - thanks! I will take a look

2 - No, I will not upload it as separate font! This is a free font I got from DaFont, it's called DIMISS__ 

3 - Yes, I will start to publish in OGA too ;) 

Thank youuuuu!!! <3

I have a really old one, probably with one or two posts from 2017

Is OpenGameArt a nice place to post stuffs?

Thank you for your support! I wanted to do assets like for a long time, so i'm happy to see people liking it :)  

Haha thank you so much! Maybe I should Add the fishing animation on the spritesheet hmmm

You have no idea how much this makes me happy :') 

And yes, it's possible! I know because when I do gamejam with my friends, usually i'm not the one who upload the project, but my friends they somehow cite me and the project shows up at my page

But you can also just right my name "atariboy" or "atariboy_" for my social medias (like twitter/instagram) 


thank you again for your help, I did it right now 

Thank you for your words and for your advice!!
I will make this change right now.

Really good congratulation

Thank you so much!! 

Oh Thank you so much! I didn't know about that, I changed it ^^ 

For a moment I thought you commented on the wrong game haha "why this guy is talking about final scene? OOOOOH THE SCREENSHOT!!"

Thank you a lot! me and my partners will improve this project, for sure WILL NEVER be playable haha, but we still will work on it! 


Nos faz pensar sobre a sociedade 

Nice monsters! 

Gostei do feedback! a tremida na tela, as partículas, bem legal!