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Astric Games

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I don't know why, but when i run it i got errors and requests arguments on .exe running. Any suggestions? Win10 x64 pc and not native with windows. I really want to try it :]

I loved the game! I'll check the engine! Good Job! Good Old Diablo-style game (+engine obviously)!

It reminds me Metal Gear Solid!... How many levels it has?


I'm interested about your project, looks promissing! But the server is always offline... When are you run it? How will we submit bug reports? 

I hope to continue your work, because MMO's are a Huuuuuge project.... Don't let it go, keep on!


Hi, i test your game at browser, i downloaded and tried to run it under Sparky Linux, but i cannot!

Do you have any suggestions on how to run it under Linux distro?

Thanks in advance!

p.s. Your game rocks! ;]

"The Apiarist " is a board game for one or
two players associated with the modern
beekeeping. Each player has to develop
the apiary and produce as much honey as
he can! But, as in reality, so in the game,
things are not so easy. Colonies of bee s
threatened by many different risks that
make their beekeeping route difficult and
precarious. But every beekeeper has not
said its last word. Any risk can be
proactively addressed to avoid the worse,
losing part of his estate.
"The Apiarist " includes all risks that
threaten modern beekeeping and when
reading the pages of the rulebook , and
playing the game, you will find a fun and
educational way, how a beekeeper think s
and how he act s . Besides, the hive is an
amazing culture, a colony of a wonderfull
creature such a bee .


Astric Games.