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Forget sometimes how amazing Zack's character designs are - I've fallen in love with every single person on the cover and I don't even have the PDF to know who they are.

Going to second this, since I found this suggestion by googling to see if there was a way to sort by latest-updated on a given tag. (Want to see if folks are updating mods for Dicey Dungeons)

Hello I hope you're well!

Hey I hope you're well! Still love this set!

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I appear to have broken something! I have infinite hydroangea flowers in my inventory and the game treats it like I have 0 for the purposes of things like "make that potion again", and I'm unsure how I managed this.
(I've chosen to start over at this point but I'm wondering if I messed something up wrt making potions and ended up with some sort of underflow or negative.)

I wish I knew more about physical gaming as a whole, but I can put in my two cents and say that having a cooperative tag is important to me, as a person. I enjoy Sentinels of the Multiverse, Pandemic: The Cure, and other co-op games myself, and being able to find games like that is far more up my alley.