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Such a lovely little game! I loved exploring this colorful town full of fun nooks and crannies to explore.

This lovely twine made me feel so seen, being able to relate to feeling like dysphoria and loneliness go hand in hand. And it's great to see some post-op representation as well. Thank you for this, it was a wonderful story. <3

Small, but exceptionally sweet. Would love to explore more of this strange, fascinating world.

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Nice metanarrative, i totally relate to how making games under a time limit can make you feel like a depressed bee buzzing about.

And good job on the tiles, I can see why you're proud of them =3

They do indeed! 

This was a very heartwarming story, oh, to finally experience love for oneself.  I like the colors and design of the room, it's very cute! And yes, be nice to bees plz! <3

Wow! The endless, pitch black desert, the minimalist background ambience, and randomly generated environment creates a strangely unsettling yet compelling atmosphere. It makes you wonder with anticipation what will come out of the dark void next.

But I do wish there was full mouse and keyboard support implemented, since this is my preferred method of play.

But aside from that, this is already an interesting experience as it is. I can't wait to see what more you'll add to it!

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I swear I had a dream just like this once. xD

Anyhow, this was a pretty funny and heartwarming coming out story with a clever twist.

I liked your art, for being drawn in flickgame it's pretty impressive!

This was a cute little experience, I especially liked the lily pad maze. Look forward to seeing more bitsy games from you!

I loved how distinct each floor looked, the personality in all the characters you meet, and the music! You gotta tell me how to put music in a bitsy game, but I digress. Good job everyone!

This threw me for a loop, I'm scared of apples now ;_;

So you were going to add more text into it? It doesn't matter anyway, since I've felt inspired enough by this little project alone.

The derelict atmosphere of the wrecked ship, plus the remains of the dead whale, make for a very haunting atmosphere. Yet another great bitsy from you!

This might be short, but man is it something else. It's incredible how you made such a dreary atmosphere with minimal graphics like this.

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 I like all the strange obstacles that make the board feel challenging without cluttering it up, especially the wheel that spinning wheel. Only criticism is that sometimes that flippers glitch up and throw your ball off the board. But otherwise this is a very  fun and unique pinball game, good job!

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I would love to make this browser-playable!  Could you tell me how to do so? 

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Nice game with fun gameplay and cute visuals. And that pixel art and animation is so nice and fluid, it's actually kinda hot xD

Lovely little game you made, could totally relate to sneaking out of my house as my own person.

Cute artwork too, btw ^^

This game is soooo cute! :D 

And I like how it portrays a trans woman in a happy situation, while still addressing the struggles and worries that might come from being trans.

Such a pleasant atmosphere too, this is the perfect game to play when I feel stressed out. Thanks for sharing this, I really liked this game! <3

Thanks, I'll keep on doing the writing for the other routes, endings, and it shouldn't be out too late!

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Yeah, it's a demo. Originally, there was supposed to be more dialogue choices and even multiple endings , but couldn't add them due to the jam's time constraints. But I will add them to the game sooner or later.

And I'm glad you liked it that much, thanks! 

Nice little game you made. Especially with the artwork, you seem like a really talented artist ^ ^

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That was a charming little game. I especially like the theme of using the five senses to become a more whole person. Good job, I look forward to your next stuff!

Thanks. x)

Haha, yeah. Don't we all wish it was that simple?