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Me : *reads this game to someone shortly after reading them consider the spoon*

Them : I see why this was tagged anxiety. 

Me : no that was the other game. 

Them : this should be tagged anxiety. 

*some time later*

Them : *quietly* oh no 

Me : are you thinking about the jellyfish 

Them: no....

A really lovely way to collect your important people when you have a big task that needs doing, while making sure everyone has a good time 馃挌

I'm giving you a dollar just because I'm so fake mad by how called out I feel by this game. 

You did a good. 

But I'm still not going to do my dishes 馃槀

Can not pat the goose.  1 star. 


This is a beautiful game that made me have all the feelings reading it, and I really appreciate the vulnerability of the author in writing it. I'm hoping I can find enough other people to play it with, but even if I don't im so glad it exists in the world. 

I wasn't sure at the start of the description because this all sounds a bit close to home, but the paragraph about how absurdity in play can help because everything is absurd right now but is absolutely the mind set of my community right now so I'm hekkin keen 

I love this

This game is a great way to show what it's like living with a chronic illness.  I especially value the way if you are playing with other people there is a community aspect to deciding how to share resources and suffering, and really appreciate the suggestions for consent mechanics.

thanks this was super helpful

And we will get email updated when other versions come out?