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Alcyone: The Last City

A sci-fi interactive fiction game set in the last City in the universe. · By Joshua Meadows

Question About the Contents of the Files Currently Uploaded to

A topic by arashikou created Sep 06, 2017 Views: 455 Replies: 3
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I just pre-ordered at the Alpha level, and I noticed that the game already has files available for download, even for the versions of the game with release dates in the future. (i.e. all of them, as of the time of this writing) Based on the file sizes, I'm guessing these are just copies of the demo version, as a placeholder for the future. So that I don't waste a bunch of gigabytes of bandwidth downloading the same file five times, can you please confirm for me whether I've understood correctly?


Yep, you're absolutely correct — they're all the demo for the time being and as the alpha and beta tests progress they'll be updated accordingly. You don't need to download anything besides the alpha for now, and that will update when it begins. Hope that helps!

Thank you, that does help! I understand entirely.

And we will get email updated when other versions come out?