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NGL I forgot about this game don't even remember anything about it-

(Edit: now I do a little after looking at pictures)

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hello i am asher or ash or levi any of which are fine to use ive been doing art for nearly 6 years now 

and i would like to join someone on a project!

i can do character sprites or concept i can do horror designs or cute designs or chibi it depends

im better at 2D vs 3D my prices fluxuate but i can either discuss it here or via discord

i can also provide some stuff i drew via discord 

here is my discord:

Asher artist and programmer#0643 

what was the story?

ok if my laptop doesnt lag

np i really enjoyed it

hi i played fnf during my last stream hope that was ok

i played your game in my past stream though i still havent figured it out!

i played a bit of your game in my past stream!

hey i played your game in my stream!

hi i played your game in my stream!

what do i do after i get the tarot cards

Ugh was very hard for me

then if you wanna drop the body hold f

this is one hard game yet i love it so much like id play more games like constance but yours is different and i enjoy it

you have to hold down e in front of the body then you can drag it

im sending it via email and i got the email from another post of yours sorry if that sounds creepy i don't mean for it too

ok im gonna send it now

yooooooooooooooooooooo XD

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this sounds interesting like would i have to review it to one: make sure its enjoyable? two: make sure there's no grammar mistakes? if so that sounds cool

im also building my first renpy game which is in alpha as of now

would you like to see what im currently working on?

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im gonna be using the  hana uniform pack and nora and sumi and kana all of 

the characters will be placeholders and i can email you this version im

 making which is still not finished and will not be the final thing

you can check out the prologue which won't be the final thing

and im sorry but i traced the nora  the summer one from the nora pack i downloaded im deeply sorry about that TmT i hope you can forgive me

hi im hosting a game jam it starts in 3 days and i would love for people to join ^u^

winner with most votes get's drawn sprites from me

and a oc of yours drawn+ 3 bases to draw on all 3 prizes come with rules

please check the link provided and then join if your interested (email is on the game jam page via the link provided)

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hi im making a visual novel and im in need of help i need new ideas for the dialogue cause i got the first half in the vn

now i just need the second half and anymore anyone's willing to offer

if anyones interested email me at make sure to copy and paste this email so i get it

hey me again i have uploaded the game and here's the Link

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hi i downloaded the one with out the ears

and from other posts on your itchio 

i downloaded sumi and kana

and the anime background pack 2

all four (some backgrounds may stay the same) of these will be placeholders in my vn which will be called 

"doki doki yuri and natsukis pov"

till i can make my own sprites but due to my first novel being relased and saved by someone to an 18+ collection

(i had to delete my first vn from itchio) i can email you the beta version when i get it done

when the mc said " wait where did that toy come from... i dont have children"

i was like 0o0

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i have an idea for conner just my idea but what if he was a transgender male since i have a more feminine voice and since he was once a woman i think it would be a perfect match ^u^ but you're the dev im just here-

ok no rush!

im sorry i checked my inbox and nothing is there could u check your typing of my email?

i need someone to help me with ideas like ill tell more details of my vn and what im looking for via email

is it supposed to look like this?

yes i want to know how to post on Help Wanted or Offered!

hi im not looking for a sound maker i just need help- how do i post on this tab like u did with this-

they said there would be more in the full version-

oh cool and your the one i emailed about voice acting

well are u going for a more roblox style or anime style?

but heres my example i can e mail u more if u would like ^-^ 

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im willing to do it  heres what i offer and what i dont offer

1: i cant do realism  

2: i do more of a alt style but im willing to explore 

3: i need a lot of time im  a slow worker  so when im not working im eating sleeping or working on a side project and somedays i wont be online at all

4: and finally i need no pay atm tell i get old enough or have my mom open a paypal in her name that i would use

heres an example of what im working on

my only contacts at the moment is deviant art and my youtube and my email reply when you get the chance

(side note im in texas so i need to know your time zone)