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from my personal experiences the happy ends seem dependent on the 'secondary' stat aside from the trust one (not even taking account the hidden affectation attribute from correct answers) --

daire: design
zane: management
kiron: social (i believe?? i can't recall how i played through his since i did it at like 2-4 in the morning so i'm not super confident with this one,  i can't recall how closely i juggled the other stats with his but it seems plausible enough)

while getting every single zane bad end before finally getting his happy end, i decided to just ignore other stats aside from management and trust to see if it'd net me it --- and it has! try doing that if you're having trouble i guess? it worked out for me ... my design and social in that route was pitifully low but i still netted the happy ending (truth revealed). not sure if it has a impact on the other routes if you neglect the non-secondary stat. i pretty much ended up using zane as a guinea pig for how badly i was failing getting a decent ending for him haha  

good luck! 

hello!! i've had the time to speed through this game blindly and i just wanted to say it's been a delight playing! i've grown attached to the cast and have loved the cameos from halloween otome! seeing the new boys interact with the old boys was amusing especially when i paired mr. wolf w/emma during zane's route HAHAHA. 

in addition, i wasn't expecting some of the plot twists in some endings --- zane's especially --- but i was pleasantly surprised! some of the more 'low stat' ends also made me :") because who doesn't love some angst right?

there are some endings i haven't been able to acquire, but as i received the 'best ending' for all three boys through trial and error i'm content on waiting for the official walkthrough to unlock the rest and mixing up emma's boys with mira's boys to see how others interact w/them later on. 

lastly, i'm excited to receive the charms -- the designs are adorable -- thank you for providing them as a bonus!

ah thank you guys for responding!! i... wish they made a update about why they temporarily took it down so first-viewers like me wouldn't be confused by the ordeal. a bummer, but considering we waited two years for any content in general i can wait longer haha.

i second this!!! i preordered the game two years ago and there isn't any download link available for me. i had send me a invoice of all my available purchases, and while it shows spirit parade it only shows the bigger demo version download link, not hayato's route. any help would be appreciated!

hello! just wanted to say thank you for sharing this game! the graphics are beautiful, the story is well-written, i enjoyed the characters although rama was a bit... different sometimes (his bad end made me feel REALLY sorry for him though Q O Q!!). and i just. man this is one of my favorite if not the most favorite free otome game i've stumbled upon. i look forward to any future releases!

as for the questionnaire. .. .

  1. Which bachelor you like the most? and why?
    my favorite is reksa!!! i'm a sucker for the hostile-then-friends-then-lovers type, and he didn't fail to deliver. also he's so cute and rather feisty at the same time? does that even make sense? hahaha. i also did enough mitra, though. he was the first route i went for - i enjoyed how down-to-earth he was.
  2. What makes you consider to play this game?
    honestly, i was looking for a otome game to play and saw this one listed and decided to give it a shot since the premise seemed interesting enough. i'm glad i decided to try it out, lol.
  3. Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most? (art? story? character?)
    overall, i do like the visual novel! the element that stood out to me in the beginning was the story, and the artwork sealed the deal since it's really beautiful.

    aside from that, while he's not my favorite bachelor, rama's story was... really different and had a lot of sensitive topics. i don't mean that in a bad light, rather - it was really nice to read as it's so distinctively different from mitra and reska. i felt really bad for rama if you don't take his route that he never fully heals/recovers from his past experiences and well... hits the bucket, so to speak. qq i was glad that in his route at least mc shares her own burdens with him and they both move on with their past together.
  4. Do you have any question or constructive critiques? I will read all the comments and reply to them like I do in Lemmasoft.
    the [SPOILER] rape mention in mitra's route [/SPOILER] i found so out-of-the-blue, or rather i wasn't expecting it since that was the first relatively-dark mention in that route iirc. regardless, mitra's response to her confession was 100% A+++++. i wanted to applaud you on how you wrote his response to that scenario.
  5. Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it? via patreon or kickstarter that is (since I need to eat, electricity, and such things when I make VNs xD)
    yes yes and yes!!!! i'd be glad to show any support! throws my wallet your way tbh ♥

you had me sold when you mentioned the game was influenced by some of bioware's games, especially baldur's gate - that's just a classic - and i normally don't play demos since i like waiting for the end product's release, but i couldn't resist for this game.

the demo was well-done, and i legit forgot i was just playing through a demo because of the flow that when it said i completed the demo i had to take a step back to remember, "oh right. this isn't the finished product." hahahaha!! ♥

it was delightful to go through. i can see where the inspiration from the bioware games came from with all of the different choices/stances in the game. i thought that the choice to decide how your relationship with emry was like growing up was a nice subtle touch.

i liked all the characters shown thusfar, and the suitors! noah is my favorite and type from miles away (that farewell gesture tho 👀) but emry and teiran are both equally as interesting! it makes me eager to pursue all three of them once the game comes out.

i'm also very interested in seeing how the story branches further with the game's official release when it comes. if you launch a kickstarter or something for funding, i will be glad to throw my wallet at this game! ♥