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hello!! i've had the time to speed through this game blindly and i just wanted to say it's been a delight playing! i've grown attached to the cast and have loved the cameos from halloween otome! seeing the new boys interact with the old boys was amusing especially when i paired mr. wolf w/emma during zane's route HAHAHA. 

in addition, i wasn't expecting some of the plot twists in some endings --- zane's especially --- but i was pleasantly surprised! some of the more 'low stat' ends also made me :") because who doesn't love some angst right?

there are some endings i haven't been able to acquire, but as i received the 'best ending' for all three boys through trial and error i'm content on waiting for the official walkthrough to unlock the rest and mixing up emma's boys with mira's boys to see how others interact w/them later on. 

lastly, i'm excited to receive the charms -- the designs are adorable -- thank you for providing them as a bonus!