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I like this tool, this could definitely be useful for quickly generating mocap-like animations. It doesn't lag or hiccup what I tested it, and has more UI design put into it than I did with my submission ;)

In the future, I think it could use slightly more advanced options like selecting the type of dithering and scaling, but it is definitely usable as it is now :)

I was also quite surprised how performant Electron was for this purpose! I have to admit I would have imagined video processing needs a more low-level language than TypeScript, but apparently you did find a nice way to make it work. Good job!

Thanks for trying it out!

Sadly, I did indeed run out of time for development, as I had some technical hitches along the way. I intended to make a preset feature, but as the time limit loomed closer, I had to cut it from the feature list. There's a fair bit of technical hitches I'd probably fix first, but I can definitely see a case for more advanced manual image manipulation (e.g curves, color space selection and conversion adjustments, palette tuning before clamping) and multi-image batch features.


I like this! Very simple and well executed. Puzzles have variety and get gradually more and more difficult with complexity added over time, making for a reasonable difficulty curve :)

I very much like the idea, a platformer based on a musical rhythm. The minimalist aesthetic is also fitting in my opinion. The track can get a bit repetitive, but then again, it is not obnoxious in any way. The hitboxes and physics could use some refinement; at places, my character floated in the air, apparently supported by the adjacent box. This possibly also caused a few failing jumps.

Sadly, I could not get either the web version or the Windows version to work reliably. The suggested Windows version suffered from some mysterious issue where arrow keys move the character extraordinarily slowly, at some 1/10th of the normal speed; the web version didn't have that issue, but instead suffered from the mentioned-above audio reliability issue.

In short, seems very promising and I hope to see a game with technical kinks straightened out :)

Thanks for your feedback!

I could indeed make the grid a bit smaller and respectively numbers a bit larger. The original plan was that I'd have larger puzzles, but turns out even smaller ones were just about challenging enough, so it served no purpose.

I also considered a glowing effect for the NEXT button when available, but due to time constraints wasn't able to implement that. You are entirely right on the fact that it is not as visible as it could be.

Difficulty is a tricky thing. I did try to assess puzzle difficulty with some weighted, more or less objective metrics, e.g number of moves to solve, ratio of winnable states in relation to all states, total block count. Interestingly enough, it seems that it is easier for me to create difficult-to-solve puzzles than non-trivial yet easy ones. The question of metrics is also tricky, as there still are some puzzles which I think do not exactly represent their position in the difficulty-sorted list.

Thanks for the feedback! It took a fair while to adjust the level progression, and I wasn't even at this point quite sure it was appropriately measuring difficulty.. glad to hear it is in the right direction :)

Paskahousu - virtual version

A image of the game

This is my first ever browser game, and the first entirely self designed game of mine. Made in Pixi.js!

It tries to model a classic Finnish card game called Paskahousu. Get rid of all your cards to win, and don't be the last one to be saddled with twos! Single player fun, with two AI players to work against.

I like to think I did a fair job, altho I definitely acknowledge there is roughness around the edges; still, we all start from somewhere! This was a 2-3 week job as a game, so not a really long dev period.