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Now download version works.

Unfortunately, there is nothing...

It should looks like this:

How can I download the game? I don't see any files...

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About questions:

1) I remember some red zones in the dark side of the complex. So I think they work.

2) Ending is normal. It has a right to exist :D

Interesting game) And I didn't have any technical problems with it. Talking about controls: 

1) why ZQSD instead of normal WASD (thanks for arrows as an alternative)? 

2) Can you enable "Shift" key or just slightly increase player's moving speed?

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Thanks for reply.

Unfortunatly I haven't got enought programming skills (I only tried coding on Delphi. Now use constructors. Tried Bitsy (my "Go inside..." game), then GDevelop). But I was curious and found Bitsy on GitHub. I've read Font.js file and have a question:

Why implement your own font (and even in 2d-matrix view) when you can store dialogs in their string-variables and just show them at the right moment (and adjust font/size/color somewhere in code). Or you can't? And my Delphi experience deceives me?))

Thank you for feedback)

I thought about pistol, but while testing game I realized that if the player can infinite shoot, the game became too easy. So easy that zombies will be killed at the moment of their respawn)

How can i change coding or fonts (or do something else if need to do) to translate my game on another language (like russian for example)?

Because now it looks like this:

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I made a game and published it for Jam.
I would be happy if you added my game to the collection. :)

Go inside... In your mind