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Oh then I guess I should have searched a bit more thoroughly! Oh well, I guess I just added one more message about this for people to find.

I know, I've been spending a lot of time trying to troubleshoot this. :') But yeah, hoping some people will find this instead of emailing support and then waiting.

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Did you end up getting that tax issue answered/fixed? I've been waiting on a reply from support regarding that issue for 3 weeks, but no response to my email yet.

Edit: let me clarify to see if we're running into the same issue. The first reply I got when I asked about this issue on July 1st is

"Thanks for reaching out. We recently made a change which defers the tax validation process which may detect the final withholding rate.

You final withholding rate will be available by the time you are requesting a payout.

If the issue persists and you need to retake the tax interview, you can do so through the following link:

Thank you, let us know if you need further assistance."

I already retook the tax interview just before reaching out to support, I think (I filled it in twice anyway). I read the email and understood it as, "it might take a while to show up, wait until you can request your payouts". Which I did, but on July 8th the tax rate was still at 30%, at which time I sent a second email (no reply).

I just filled it in a third time, getting the confirmation that my tax withholding rate should be 0% IN the interview, but the issue persists.

Edit 2: Just figured this out, but replying here in case anyone wants to search for this on the forums. The "available for payout" amount reflected the 30% tax rate amount. But once I requested a payout, something seemed to click in the system and the warning is now gone in the tax info tab, and the actual payout reflects the 0% withholding rate.