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free to use

looks stunning!!!

Hi I would like to ask how do you make those circles in the back ground cuz they look amazing

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also I would like to ask if the dust effect is a particle effect or hand drawn animated sprite? It looks really cool.

One more thing, does the boss have a idle state that he doesnt attack for a short time.

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love your approach! This is much better than my approach on boss fights. 

I use the distance between player and boss to decide whether it is close range or long range. Then  set up some parameters for close range attack A and close range attack B and randomly pick an close range attack state (A or B).  I thought it might be more responsive to the player's action and the pattern will be different in every fight. But the issue with this approach is that sometimes the boss might repeat the same attack again and again,

I will combine your (groups of attacks) pattern with my close range long range approach. I believe my future boss fight game will be more challenging and fun.

My favorite combo is the punch + shockwave ! So well decided that knowing the player will roll to the boss's back and attack. And then the boss attack from above. Also appreciate your hard work with coding all the boss's attack pattern. Cant wait for your next game.

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I would like to ask how do you code for the boss behavior. Is it random or it depends on the player position? Cus I feel like the final boss has some combo behavior that is well designed.

Man, this is amazing. I love the cute tiny pixel art. Boss 's anticipation circle is 200IQ, extremely noticiable even the character sprites are tiny. Love the second phase of the final boss. I made a sekiro inspired game before and I wanted to make it with Metroidvania element too. Your approach is so well thought. Give my game PixelSamurai a try.
Love to see another game from you! <3

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there are a lot of bugs here like animation cancel, colliders, jump float and sliding walk. Hope you guys will fix it! support from HK

Thanks for playing the game and I am glad you love it. This was a small project I finished during last semester break. I will definitely fix all the bug u mentioned above.

Actually the c button action is not listed in the instruction and it was something I implemented for fun. Congrats on  finding the hidden action:)

There was a time that there is a minions level. Let me dig out some gif and show you.

Still working on the next game design project but I am still in the designing process. Wish I will be able to deliver another game this year;P

Amazing gameplay love it so much. And the headshot is so satisfying.

Hi I really like this game and I am making my own version of the concept. Love it!

I really really like this game. Simple yet solid mechanic. Trying to make my version of the concept. How do you ensure the line machine is beatable over time?
Love your works

hi I really love the game and I would love to know how do you make the procedral level thing work? thx

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I just saw your tweet of Gridurai. That looks sick!!!!!!!!!!!!! It reminds me of the 2017 game Furi.

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Appreciate the game a lot. Kind of like a simplified souls game where player have to manage the stamina = health bar. See a lot of potential here, keep it up. GD work. 

I did made a 2D game Pixel Samurai aimed to soulslike fans, give it a try. :D

Hi William, 
Hope you are doing all right!
I am not sure if I understand you correctly. Do you mean that you want me to publish my game on your platform?

Wow, really good ideas. I am not sure about facebook advertising cuz I guess people will tend to buy and play games on steam instead of itch.  Definitely some good tips tho, I may upload the game to steam if it is  more polished.
Thx for your advices!! :D all the best

That is what you call progress. You  are definitely getting better in the game cuz every fight and death built up your awareness to different moves and getting used to the rhythm. You could always try the paid version with new bosses and mechanics.
I m having a hard time too. The number of views per day is going down fast from few hundreds to below 100 views per day now. I have no idea how to promote the game successfully. 

I m glad you love the game and the art style. I did thought of adding an easy mode but it just doesn't feel right to do so. I wanted the game to present a harsh and unforgiving duel yet not unbeatable. There is a lot of request in the easy difficulty but it kind of ruin the joy and the core of the game. It was designed to challenge player and not something you can beat with button smashing. Reading attacks is important in the game. 
I would add a skip intro button later for better experience. 
The only tip I can give you is parry first, attack afterwards. Keep trying but also remembering the boss's pattern. You will eventually beat the boss, no question on that . Good luck! :D
 Note: Player have 5 HP and basically you can do no-hit on all bosses.

Actually my thought is to add the randomness element to Boss 4 's combo attack. Its encourages player to not only recognize the pattern but also react to the move. However, I should have added a deflected animation to tell a clear opening and give greater visual feedback.
Appreciate your comment!

Definitely going to fix the bug asap. A more telegraphing jab attack animation is needed too. You review really helps me polishing the game!!! 

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Boss3: I assume you are talking about the close range attack. I guess the reason is the participation frames is not noticeable. Gonna redraw the animation later.

Boss4: Actually boss 4 is  easier than boss 5 becuz there was plenty of delay state for player to attack.  I was hoping the player can get the basic of the new parry mechanic and thus better prepared for boss 5.

Boss5: I put hours in drawing the animation for this boss. I was getting better in the pixel art animation after drawing other4 bosses. I was thinking the triple axe attack can present a rhythm based sword fighting feel. Glad you like the opening when player perfectly parried a combo attack.

I am thinking about adding more bosses to the game (free update for those who already purchased the game ) and further polish the game. The goal is releasing the game on steam.

Thx for your review on the bosses :D

You can either download the demo zip or play the web version. They r the same

Nice Work!! Happy to know that you kept trying and beat the demo.
I know it can be frustrating at first but once you get the rhythm, it clicks!
Note that Level 5 Boss is really challenging, love to hear how you feel about other bosses. 

YUPPPP total 5 bosses


HaHa Its not an easy game but its not impossible to beat the game. Its easy once you got the rhythm.
THX for playing! :D

Its now fixed and updated!!

Ohhh I think that is a bug I should fix it so you can parry it anywhere


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Just found out I watched your videos before!
How lovely, subscribed :D

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Hi there, glad you like the game :D
Sadly no I dont have patreon but you can always support the game through donation in the downloadable zip version or just rating the game 
Actually there is a new boss and new mechanic. I can send you the link through discord or sth
I m planning on making  5 different bosses before moving on to any new stuff.
Love to chat with you more about how this game will be developed.
Appreciate ur Support!!

Cool, I will make sure you will be noted once the game is completed! :D Thx for playing!
what do you expect from the game. (like how many bosses in the game or  anything else you have in mind )?
Also any comment to the game now?  especially the negative 

Thx for playing! But sorry,  I am not sure what you meant by an i-frame or two. Did you mean participation frames?

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It is still in development, still working on the new mechanic but its almost finished.
I m also thinking  about not updating the game anymore until I complete the game and release it for few dollars. sry bro :D
I wonder if you would be interest in the game if it is like 2 or 3 dollars. (with more bosses , menu, new mechanic and all that stuff) 

download the zip file would be better.

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I just added a new mechanic to the game. Instead of parrying, you need to attack to "parry" attack. I really want to complete the game this summer, gd luck to me.
Also, I wonder if you would interested in trying out this boss. I could send you a private link through discord or something.

I uploaded the file again. You may try download the zip file if the web version is still not working.

Thanks for replying. It seems like "rate this game" tab wont show up when the Jams rating is on. so Sad:X

THx for playing the game. I am still working on the fall problem. Just one question, do you see a tab "rate this game" in my games page? cuz I enabled it and dun see it. :D