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Thanks for your useful feedback! I understand about the jump with fast color change, many player has occur this difficulty


Thanks, time limit was too short to add sound, the post jam version with many quick fixes should coming!

What a nice idea, thanks!

You're right about controls, I was missing time to polish many details in this game. Thanks for your feedback :)

Je vois en effet, merci pour la précision !

Polish with awesome graphics! The gameplay was difficult to me, the blue side follow the mouse and for the others, that is complicated to aim. A indicator line could be cool to know were colors are focused

I love Pico8 and the 3D animation are really beautiful!! Maybe you can improve the gameplay with the increase the overall speed, the game could more enjoyable! 

Merci l'ami :) C'est toujours un retour de pris, un petit fix des mouvements post jam s'impose !

Love the design and the atmosphere. It's maybe only me but when the speed start to became higher I can't see the arrow symbol correctly

Solid concept, this is a good mockup for a complete game! One thing, the light range is too small that cause a longest progress, I think with a largest area, that could be more funny and addictif

The base idea is good and this type of game can open many possibilities! I have thought the attack speed was a bit too slower in my opinion. And like you say, this is very buggy!!

The mix could be fun but something block the enjoying in my case. The bar don't have really importance about the position of the hit like if I hit with the edge the bar, the orientation throw is the same than if a touch near the middle of the bar. We lack control on this ball, that was shame!

A very valuable feedback, thanks!!

Funny experience! The audio with this craziest atmosphere was cool!

Thanks! I take note, I understand you're point, many thing could be improve for sure

Tiny and crunchy, thanks!

I just saw that I had reversed the keys in the description. You need to open the menu and after that press again C to put tower (You need a space first to add tower)

Hey! We can discuss on Discord (remysd). I'm looking a team too and I'm Dev with Unity 

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Hey! I’m interresting to team up with you if you want :) 

I’m french and I speak english a bit 😄

Discord: remysd

That was fun and a crazy moment!

The feeling when we shot is very good! Kill zombies give a lot of satisfactions!

Good job for the voice!

I'm a bit frustating to be stopped with this bug, my player is lock with the dog, I can't move. I only can fire.

I have follow your tweets and I was drawn.

I don't understand why but that was so cool! 

Only one think, the level 2 is very frustating when we miss the jump and fall on moving platform and we need to do all the way again, a checkpoint could be useful.

This is original, all works, the gameplay, the pixel art is amazing and the sound fit like a glove.

I'm not a fan of this game type but your works is great!

Good job everyone!

Thanks a lot for this amazing feedback! All of your suggestion are very interesting. I will add some improvement on a post jam, all of your idea are welcome!

Happy to see than my twitter post has give interest about my game :)

Thanks for your feedback! I take note about dialog improvement your right.

A good tower defense! The day/night cycle in my opinion is a good idea cumulate with the vertical building add more chalenge and possibilities.

But, the audio is frustrating, no background music and sfx are basics. 

I enjoy to play this game, that was funny. All assets are weirds and that make sense (Lol). A bit short.

Good job !

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Relaxing game. All aspects (graphics, music and story) works well together. A quick character animation could be better. 

Thanks !

Pretty fun game. The fighting session and really intensif and this is the part I prefer ! 

I just found weird the graphic difference between characters and background.

Well done !

Really fun ! The audio give me vibes to kills everything around me, so I dead many and many time lol

That was pretty fun but a little bit frustating when we dead many and many time aha.

Really fun minigames. The maze is my favorite !

Nice puzzle ! That was a good moment with a puzzle difficulty well balanced.

Only one think, a background music could be welcome when we solve puzzles.

Good job !

Thanks for you feedback ! I'm real happy to see your enjoyment :)

In reality, during the middle phase you need to do something but I could recognize than it's not clear compare at the first objectifs.

Thanks !

Thank you ! Sorry for the short version aha

Thanks !

Thank you :)