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Hey, thanks a lot! i'll add some enemies in the sequel  :)

I'm glad you like it. Thanks

Hahaha, thanks a lot!  :)

Hey, thanks a lot :). It's so nice to see someone playing this game with this kind of attention and enthusiasm. As you said it's a really short game, but i think you played the way i intended it to be played, not taking it too seriously, but not discarding it once the central idea is transmitted.

Nice channel also.

Hey, thanks a lot! Its good to see some feedback :)

My pleasure :)

I think the game gets less scary once you see the monster, but that was the intention, so thanks.

Thanks :)

Hey, thanks :) .  It means a lot to have someone playing and sharing my game. And nice blog too!

Little game i made for retro horror jam. 

Any criticism is appreciated.

Hey, thanks a lot :)

There's a way to stop him from shooting, when the red lights start to blink, you have to look fast between the four points to see from where the missile is coming, and them shoot it. But it is a bit difficult .

Are you sure? I just tried and it worked fine.

Hey, thanks for the feedback.

I was thinking that since the game is really short, the difficulty would create a challenge . But maybe ive gone too far. I will update it in the future :)

Hey, thanks. 

Sure, i will take a look, how do i get in?

My fault. I think i fixed it now, give it a try.

Sorry, first time posting a game. I updated it now, tell me if you have any trouble.