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Artemio Morales

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Really loved the concept, atmosphere, and aesthetic. Such a beautiful piece <3

This is so beautiful!! Absolutely love this. The atmosphere, the interaction, all fantastic :D

Much appreciated, thanks so much for playing! :D

This was a team effort; the artwork was done by Def check out her work!

Very cool concept! It was a low-stress game to play, which I really liked.

This is a really cool idea! A way to dramatize the spread of Covid-19 in a way that's easy to understand / interact with visualizations in a  fun way. Packaged right, I think this is something that a lot of people would enjoy playing.

Very cool!

This was amazing! Fantastic use of typography and design to build the tension of the story. Excited to see more!

LOL. Really fun idea. A tiny bit of narrative to explain the ridiculousness could be amazing. Who is this toilet paper boy? Why is he a zombie delivering TP? Etc. Good job w/ what you put together!

haha it's definitely Pong :D

Soooo hard, amazing execution though. Agreed that the checkpoints between levels would be nice :D

Fun little game! And impressive how many levels you made. It was a little hard to tell the difference between the different skeletons as everything progressed, still managed to get through it though. Good job!

Very cool game! Love the bullet time when you're close to enemies, lots of fun.

hey I went back and played it again, turns out the game is much better with the E key :D
I even found the secret room!
Thnx for the heads up, glad I could go back and have the whole experience this time 👍

hahah this was funny, rly loved the character's personality

Wow! There was so much content. This was a great game, made it all the way to the end. Fantastic job with this.

Agreed with the points about the camera being too zoomed in. Other than that, this was fantastic, loved the atmosphere and music.

Trippy! Really cool little game. Agreed that a tutorial or something would have been nice. I figured it out w/ your hint tho! (Maybe I'm just not very good at puzzles :p)

The wonder sounds like a good idea! I was trying to reach 10 points of reputation, but I couldn't get it past 6, so that's another possibility.

Thanks so much! Glad to hear you laughed. I don't have Roomba myself but I hear they're great :D

Thanks! Much appreciated :-)

Glad you enjoyed, and thnx so much! :D

This game was so good! I got hooked and played through the whole thing. Is there a win state yet? I happened to get a map where I could connect all of the islands, and I had a ridiculous amount of every resource. Very soothing, really enjoyed this :D

Interesting! I think I ran into a bug – I made one outlet starter, then saw the pile full of skeletons, but another outlet appeared and I couldn't get the materials to make another outlet starter. I'm curious to know what the conclusion is 😝

I replayed and managed to finish it. Great job with it! Loved the boss fight haha, the music and overall execution was very good.

Idea is cool! I got it to work kind of in Chrome, that being said it looks the map in your screenshots is missing from the WebGL build (I'm on OSX).

Cool! This was a fun game. It took me a couple of minutes to figure out how to place items, but once I did I got 5 cannons and won :-) 

I love how you incorporated robots AND zombies haha, this was fun. Maybe having a points system or some powerups could be cool.

Great idea! To be honest I couldn't figure out how all of the systems work together 😅 That being said, it's cool that you got all of this to work and maybe with a slower tutorial in the beginning I could get the hang of it. Loved the music changing pitch and image distorting as the satellite went out of alignment.

Ahh I really love what you put together! The style and music are great, and I think "Juniper Jazz" is a catchy name. Good job with this :D

Very cool idea! The controls weren't clear to me at the beginning, maybe putting those inside a Controls section in the main game menu could be helpful, or underneath a Controls heading on the game description page. Other than that I liked the aesthetic and congrats on your first game!

Great, thnx so much! Glad to hear you laughed :D

No problem, thanks for taking a look! :-)

Heads up, the Mac version won't open! I'm on Catalina 10.15.3 if that helps.

LOL that game looks great. And yes certainly, will reach out if I / we are ever in need of music!

Thanks so much! :D

Ok great, will take another look!

Really cool! Love the style and music. Heads up that it's very buggy on Mac, it keeps saying images are missing and the saving functionality doesn't work, so I didn't finish, but loved what I could get through!

Cool little set of games! Really loved the "Spin" one. I couldn't get past the "Run" mini game though 😭

Heads up that the Mac build won't open!

Really cohesive experience. Frustrating and minimal in a good way. Really great execution!