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Freakn amazing, controls feel great considering I usually don't go for 1st person games that's saying something. I specifically was looking for the tricks you used and it sort of felt like rigidbody when touching walls. Great use of lighting and effects, as well as execution on the vision.

Yeah it was originally going to be a space game on an asteroid, I enjoyed the controller feel so I left it as is, sorry you didn't enjoy it.

Thank you for the kind words, it was definitely an experience to get this project across the finish line and I'm happy you enjoyed the result.

I know someone who wanted to do this but in 3d, well I mean in his case it would probably be going from 3d to 4d. X_X It's a very interesting concept for sure. I'm here not trying to figure out if this is a 2d game or a 3d game >_>. I feel like its 3d but with a camera going from orthorgraphic to perspective... This is very cool though.

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Thanks for your feedback, and yeah it was supposed to be on an asteroid at early concept.

Nice! Music was great, the idea is super simple and execution fantastic.

Great work

The gold bowls are for dropping the blue marbles (water) into, you get points that way, thanks for trying this out. The objective is to find the best path to get the marbles into bowls, there are even secret sections with extra marbles.

Thanks for checking it out.

Actually took me a second to get it but its cool. Reminds me of those cell phone ads but with an Orca.

Gives me no more heroes vibes, character controller feels light and its really interesting. So a lot of really good visual feed back. The music was not crazy but didn't hurt, the sfx were pretty great though. Loads of numbers on screen that felt overwhelming but its still good.

Maybe going with a higher resolution screen? Not sure it just kind of felt a little too compact.  I kind of got what I was doing later on, I think I was going into those guys and killing their hearts and gaining points.

Okay yeah so solid game man.

Very cool stuff, this is super sleek, I've heard good things about construct, that it makes making games very much more convenient. I'm a sucker for space stuff though but that jump scare X_X didn't expect that, thought I could just chill and snap.

Alright so, sfx was great, visuals were good, I kind of wish there was more to the background, like seeing some areas where the surface cracked or like background geysers from the tectonic activity.
But besides that the attention was more on the use of shaders and particles, I can't speak to it because I do Unity, not sure how construct handles that but regardless it looks great.

Games design is top notch, and its clear you know what you are doing.

Thank you, there should be one sound for digging each type of terrain.

The issue was my implementation of the tile map revealed that the built in gameobjects was not stable. What I learned from this is to create a separate data structure since runtime SO's can be unpredictable. I believe what happened is the rule tile changed and the game object changed. The sound cached found on the gameobject, but for some reason it would become null. Since I handled sound last I didn't have the time to figure out what exactly the ruletiles were doing with the original game object when they changed and just shifted the responsibility to the manager class. (Some sound was better than none).

This was very fun to learn from. There were intially I believe 6 different sounds for ground breaking, I had time to implement two of them, but our composer did a hell of a job on them, they were on freakn point. Wish I could have gotten the rest in.

Wow, the music carries this on its back for no reason. I thought it would get boring but the game lasted long enough for me to not get annoyed by it and instead appreciate it.

The art really lent to the sleazyness and grimmyness of the scene and the characters were cliche in a good way. Excellent story telling, game design was A+ as well. Great job.

So it's got diving not sure about the deeper part, but it's still a damn fine piece of software, very well made stuff, I love the UI and the music fits perfectly, the whole game reeks of well thought out and perfect execution.

The genre isn't my favorite at all XD, I do not do horror well and jump scare stuff but it was pretty amazing usage of lighting, the controller felt stuffy at first but it matches that you are diving in the water so it feels right for that. The art direction was great as well nothing wrong here.

Thank you for checking it out, I didn't get a chance to put in the instructions but I did put it in the comments and on the project page.

It's basically to use WASD and left click to make a path and shuffle the orbs to the hidden baskets.

Thanks, originally it was going to be mining into an asteroid but things happened, I liked the character feel and just never changed it. =D

Yeah sorry, the project was going to go a different direction, about mid way through it became what it is. I put in the chat and the itch page what the goals are.

It was happening even in the tutorial area, but became more pronounced in the transition and then at the boss fight. So It may be that I am lagging or maybe my mouse is too sensitive and it jitters, not sure, again it could just be a skill issue or lack of sleep.

Litterally got 3 hours of sleep last night. XD

From a mechanical stand point, this is fantastic stuff, the character feels great.

Most of the game I feel gives me time to try to figure out the movement because its obvious these few buttons can become very big things to deal with.

Then the added game elements over time like the geysers. Nothing wrong with this game, it feels like a professionally built game. Good job considering we had 6 days.

I will say that the time it took in exploration detracted me a little bit, so that's more of a pacing issue. That's all.

Pretty neat, visually great, liked the sound track it matches the game very well.

Couldn't make it past the 1st level though, my screen was too jittery to nail the boss.  It felt like lag kind of, or maybe its a skill issue.

WASD Controls, Left Click to destroy blocks, make a path for the orbs to reach one of the hidden baskets in the dark.

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Sorry about that, on the itch page is the objectives and direction.
I didn't have the time to put in a tutorial.

But its WASD for movement, Left Click to destroy the blocks, create a path for the marbles to the baskets, they are hidden things in the darkness as you navigate. More orbs in the basket = more points.

Thanks, the victory panel was out of sorts, I'll fix it as part of a post jam update. Just happy to have gotten it done in time.

Certainly here is my discord

Sure here's my discord


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We are a Programmer/Unity Developer & Programmer/Artist.

We'd like to round the team out with a Artist and a Composer if possible.

Both of us are new to Game Jams.

Yep here's my new high score.

This would be my second GJ. I think I'm pretty strong with Unity and pretty good with C#. As a solo dev I've had to learn the hard way.

I've already got my own tool kit, and would just like the experience of working with a team.

Nice stuff.

I've got a bunch of small projects, some custom utilities to make my life easier and one stable and published project here on itch.

My forte is Unity as a developer and much of my solo work has lent it self to creating tools for the inspector to minimize the need to code to make changes or create content.

This will be my first game jam from the start, I was in another but it was a 2 day game jam, I'm looking for something less stressful and so here I am.

The game is possible or rather, getting to the final mode is possible certainly. It's made to not be possible to finish the game though as in Wave 16 exists but wave 15 should be impossible.

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Thank you so much for playing! I'm happy you liked it. 

Enjoy the Coffee off to test this out.

Thank you for this, I'm hoping to get started on something, packs like this are really food for the mind.