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Yes it is fully done and finished game... does it say unfinished somewhere?

This was fun!

Thank you, it is my first game. :) I know people on Mac had some issues with SAVE and I wasn't sure about the combat system... I am a girl and I haven't played that many combat games so I took a different approach, trying to simply make it FUN. I think this game would actually make a great anime or a manga! Shame I don't know any artists. :D I was battling post cancer treatment when I did this game and I still love and think about it from time to time, I really like the world I made. :)

Thank you!

Yes, it is kinda a forest :)

Just made a short trailer video. 

I just made a  short trailer for the game for those who would like to see the gameplay. 

Love it! Love it! Love it! Thank you so much for making such a great game!

Love this game! So immersive! I really felt the atmosphere and I love the main character! Visuals and music both awesome!

A few more screenshots:

Hello everybody!

I just finished a new point and click adventure game named Dante and the Flower of Life.  It is my first game, so feedback is welcomed. :)

The main character is an immortal named Dante, who lost the Flower of Life, an artifact that guards life in the Human realm, so now he needs to descend to the  mortal world trying to find it asap.  The game is around 80 minutes of gameplay. The main focus is the story and puzzles.

There are many fun characters including depressed vegetable seller, teenage witch, well educated sailor and skeleton named Gladys.

Game page:

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Hello everybody,

my name is Astrid. I am totally new to all of this. :D I am not game developer at all. I am tarot card reader actually.  But I found RPG Maker MV and made my very first game, that is almost finished at this point. It is about 80 minutes of gameplay and it will be a free game.

I downloaded some tile-sets and found some free copyright music, but I didn't have graphic designer or coder, just me. :)

But indie game development is still totally a new thing to me, and I am really interested to find out more about it, there are some insanely cool games here, from what I have seen.  I would love to join the community, support other developers  and see what they are working on. 

Dante and the Flower of Life is a point and click adventure game with puzzles and a few battles, not a classic RPG.  I used to play PaC games a lot as a teenager and I miss them, so I made this one. I still love Syberia, The Longest Journey, Faust seven games of the soul and so on. 

I am posting screenshots of the gameplay here, if anybody could give me a helping hand and tell me how you like it, where can I even promote the game or announce it, is there any other places where can I post this game once finished?  It is free game, but I would love if people would actually play it. 

Thank you so much for any advice and help.