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Great follow up to the original. The game is really polished, the new graphics and animations are stellar! Love the attention to detail.

I think the screen wrapping is really cool, but it took me a while to utilize it to my advantage, the first couple of rounds it didn't feel that nice that you lost control outside of the box. But once I got the hang of it, it added some nice strategic depth to the gameplay.

I don't really see the theme that clearly, but I love playing it regardless.

Looking at the thumbnail I didn't think this was going to be a pico-8 game. You really managed to create e unique look with the restricted palette. It almost got some zx spectrum vibes, and I'm all for it!
Having to duck behind rocks and watch out for cacti coming up from behind kept the gameplay really engaging. The special move is also a great addition.

I think the theme wasn't super clear, I guess the player is dealing out the penalties, but would be cool to maybe have that play a bigger role in the gameplay.

Definitely want to play the full game, the UI is hinting at some collectables or dialogs happening which really peaks my interest.

Great concept executed with a lot of charm! The concept of mixing different penalties is a great take on the theme. I really liked that there was multiple routes to explore.

Sound, graphics and animations are amazing and you've utilized the pico-8 platform to its fullest, really impressive!

My biggest critique is that I felt the game was treating me unfairly at times. I would get stuck in a loop of bouncing on trampolines and being hit by the evil shadow for example, all while my package is slowly losing health. I think with some balancing you could turn losing the package from being a annoyance  to a more fun chaotic moment.

I can see this core idea being expanded on further as well, with more level and penalty variations, but the game is really great as is with lots of replayability.

Glad you enjoy it! Let me know if you make something from the soure code 😄

Hey RougeAbyss!
I made a new post of the post-jam version. There you will be able to download the sourcecode as well.

Loved the intro animation! Game design was really clever, I think this would work really great as a mobile game with touch controls. Great execution👍

Genius addition to the micro-game concept! Makes me want more. Great art and music. Impressed you added a "theme" die, really nice bit of polish 👌

It's a concept I've played before, but the atmosphere is really nice! Most of the levels felt like tutorials and I really wanted to see more of the interesting level design you got at the end. Also wish Sally would roll just a tad faster haha. Overall great job! 

This is like the  quintessential pico-8 game haha! Well made, short but a lot of variety and its kinda cute.


Great game! Might be my favorite from this Jam. I'm impressed by how many different puzzles you managed to get out of the 3x3 tile layout.

The graphics and sound design is super nice. Well done!!

I left wanting more, would be awesome if you kept developing this idea 👌

Cool idea, and the presentation is super nice!

I think I would prefer the gameplay to be more turn-based, I got through just winging it most of the time, rather than trying to be strategic 😅.

That said I really like it, nice work!

Really well executed! Great job all around.

Hilarious! And super well executed. Love the style and had a blast trying to help Ashford. Great job all around!

Cool idea! Fun color palette.

I found it a little hard to gauge the momentum of the puppet, I would just get it wrong a lot of the times. 

I think it would help if the transferred momentum was an average of the past couple of frames rather than the current momentum.

Yeez I can’t read, haha! I blame it on the fact that I played your game after midnight 😅

Will play through the rest of the levels as soon as I get the time. Again great work!

Great puzzle design! A little bit on the hard side but so satisfying when you clear a level. Will definitely return to this one. Would be an awesome mobile game.

The nature of the game is pretty punishing to small mistakes like pressing the wrong key, maybe an undo move would help with that.

Awesome work!

Hahah 4 hours?? Awesome work!

Really nice animation work. Impressive that you made it all by yourself. Really liked that you went for quite a high of Slime and Enemy count at times, really felt like charging into an epic battle with my army haha!

Cool artstyle and neat gameplay idea. 

Even though I read your tutorial text it took me a while to understand why the soul was running by itself, it wasn't always clear how far away the body and soul was from each other. 

Great work making this game in such a short time!

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I really enjoyed watching the castle being attacked and hoping it would hold up.  Well done!

Wow! You guys managed to create a really complete experience. Love the music and sound design! I would definitely play a fleshed out version of this.

I felt I got over powered when I had 4 ships, I had no problem blazing through the level when I got to that the first time. But with that said I really enjoyed my time!

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Cool! I think this concept would work really well as a VR game 😄

Great game, it feels quite polished and executes the idea well 👍

The physics and pulling the rope with the spacebar was very satisfying. Cute artstyle, also really nice color palette. 

Can't stay mad at those penguins even though I wish I could pull them down in the water with my rope!

I updated the firmware on the 280V as MehStrongBadMeh mentioned earlier and that solves the framerate issue. The main bugs I notice now are that the music doesn't sound right in many games and sometimes some graphics are missing.

So cool! Love having pico8 running on handheld hardware.

I'm also a RG280V user so if you ever find the time to fix the errors the others have been reporting (mainly frame-rate being at 150%) that would be awesome.

Added a small donation, keep up the great work!